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Breaking the rules in the loo!

We need to loosen up a bit. There is way too much boring icy cold loo’s going on in this world. All bright white blinding tiles, no colour and very sterile!   As I have said once about kitchens one time -we need to give as much respect to the bathroom or loo as much as the living room!

Bring some more personality in your home will add interest to make the space more loved and lived in. Not boring but different!! Put in a lovely rug, try a chandelier or create a wall of art like the picture below. Kick up the lived in feeling with flowers and plants and that will get rid of that hospital sterile look. Have fun, really!!!

wc funbathroombathroom02pic via my pintrest board


Happy decorating everyone.



Adding elements!

Very embarrassed that it has been yonks since last time I wrote a post for my blog!! Work has been so hectic with my interior courses turning out to be a little more popular than I envisioned. So it’s all fun and play but not much writing going down.  But today I want to share the thought of brightening up a sterile corner in a bathroom. All bathrooms are just so boring and always sterile, right?  So why not make the little toilet more fun and more of an experience to be in and add a few more elements to make it more personal and more lived in! This is my bathroom, horribly small for a family of five I must admit!  But sometimes we just have to make do with what we’ve got.  Adding a big silk flower arrangement and a bigger picture which I bought from Ikea and suddenly I feel it looks lived in. If there is good enough ventilation there should be no problem with silk flowers in the room. Easy peasy for what a little change can do. You like?



Have a wonderful weekend everyone:-)

-Hugs Lisa


Spacious bathroom

New bathroom with three wishes; functional, elegant and with a wardrobe. My clients wanted a place to store their clothes away. And as it was, they had a cupboard standing in the way of the door as well as a window which was cutting off all the light into the rest of the bathroom! After drawing up the whole bathroom from scratch again the final result achieved was a more practical room and ample space freeing up the windows increasing the natural daylight. Some beautiful bronze mosaic tiles were used in the bottom of the shower and exclusive mosaic styled big tiles on the wall beside the bathtub. Beautiful.



Have a great day!



Good as Gold!

GOLD is going to be hot hot hot this year in interior. Guaranteed!  So whether you sling gold together with white and pastels or rock it up in dark rooms you’ll be creating a space that oozes with style.  I think I’ll be opting for a spray can and blitzing up a few old vases or the like. An addition of wallpaper or a mirror in gold would be stunning. Whatever you do –do it with confidence and have fun!

living room

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Have a great day:-)

-Hugs Lisa



Great pad i Göteborg, Sweden

I’m on the hunt again. This time I’ve found this little treasure in Majorna, an area in Göteborg, Sweden for sale. Look at those high ceilings, enough to make you cry with envy. There’s nothing like the early 1900’s old buildings.  And that beautiful old ‘kakkelovn’. It’s lovely to see people still taking care of the old apartments. Now if this apartment was mine I think I would like to paint the whole apartment in a dark grey, or dark olive or a something dark and sexy! For fun! Why not! But anyway I love what they have done to the apartment here…

See more of the apartment via Stadshem

What a crazy week I have had. Now it’s time to mellow out for the weekend and relax.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Love Lisa

Quiet please I’m dreaming…

Now I can just see myself walking round in this home with no worries indeed. It’s the simplicity and unpretentious feel that makes it so inviting. A little dash of bohemian and a little bit of second hand finds cleverly marriages the two into a very casual and interesting affair. Bravo! How about you and I sit down by the fireplace with a cup of tea and have a good little quiet time together. Sound good?

pics from skonahem


Happy weekend everyone!

Love Lisa


Everyday luxury.

For those of you who are planning to redecorate your bathroom… heated bath towel hangers.

Fun and colour from the amazing Scirocco if you fancy a trip to Italy:)

Sporty and practical -my favourite, called Lime from Hafabad

Why not vertical! Inr in Sweden

Ellips would be great for the large family, from Hafabad

Stylish and very elegant from Vola.

Looks like a lot of fun from Kriss via Comfort.

What’s your favourite?


Love Lisa