New look – stylish and super functional

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«We want a home that is stylish and that is super practical and functional to our needs»

There was a definite need for an overhaul in this townhouse in Nesttun. There were two small living and dining rooms, dark and cold stairway and kitchen needed to be more functional and updated for a busy family of five. The man of the house is totally passionate and serious about his fireplace! Here had to be a fireplace that would warm up the house appropriately, stylish and cool to look at and have extra storage to firewood. Where the beam in the ceiling is today in the living and dining area was once where a wall was between the two rooms.

The entranceway and stairwell got a new look by removing the classic two door opening from the stairway into the living area. Rather than a closed-in stairwell being cold and dark, it was decided to remove the doors and open up the whole stairwell facing into the living and dining areas. A sliding glass door was put between the stairwell and entre, creating a more open stairwell connecting more with the living area, spreading more warmth up to the other floors and giving a more modern and functional living area.

A new window, the same size as the others, was put on the side of the house near the corner of the dining area and this allowed for more light and better connection to the terrace outside.

I must say I’m so in love with the kitchen! Its so cool and stylish, loads of storage, all that work space for baking and the little extra sitting area. The white benchtop was suggested to continue down to the floor which frames in the sitting area and adding extra style and finish. The subways tiles over the benchtop to the ceiling just gives a little extra wow factor.  Don’t you love it?


All fotos :

RoomDesign has had the privilege of working on this prosject giving advice on the spaceplanning, design for fireplace, kitchen and in-built storage for television, furniture, flooring, lighting and colourscheme.

Thanks to the rocka family in Nesttun that allowed me to help them on their renovation travels!!<3<3

Hugs Lisa xx


Some decorating tips for the New Year!

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I don’t know about you but by the time Christmas and New Year celebrations are finished I‘m bursting for a new clean start for the New Year!  And that means fluffing around moving the sofa, chairs and coffee tables round, trying new looks with the old furniture.

I’m always talking, at my interior courses, about how to make a room or space more interesting and how important it is to get away from the square-ness of a room no matter the size of the room. Easy peasy decorating tips and tricks will elevate your space in a jiffy!

1) Don’t leave walls bare –this just promotes the square-ness of the room. Adding focal points distract the eyes especially if the room happens to be small. So group together elements they give more power together than if they were alone!

2) Play with pattern and texture. It tantalizes and warms the room beyond belief. It’s the spice of the room.

3) Create different small zones in your room. This enhances and gives depth to any room whatever the size. The picture below is a great example of a small room with different zones. Makes for more balance and harmony in the room and more lived in! Perfect, yes?


 Pic via my Pinterest

Have a great day guys!

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Library/office/guestroom and tv room.

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I have been so lucky recently to able to help a couple with two children to decorate their home. A library/office/guest room and tv room for their children in the basement.  A comfortable sleeping sofa was high on their wishes because they have many overnighting visitors. Combined with the Zettel’z pendel lamp makes this I think a very cool library/office space.

In the basement a solid sofa plus little coffee table both from Hay were picked out to emphasize and exenterate the modern funkis style of the home.  Upstairs a new environmentally friendly rug made of bamboo was chosen under their Barcelona chairs to ground the whole sitting arrangement in their big open living area. And in the entrance way you’ll find the awesome Skygarden pendel lamp from Flos! WOW!



25-02-2013 14-52-14



flos lampe


Thanks to you Silje and your lovely husband, it’s been wonderful to work together with you on this project.

Have a wonderful day everyone:-)

-Hugs Lisa



Gold+white+purple bedroom

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I must say I think it is a bit boring than when two bedside lamps are exactly same.  We just need some personality, spontaneity and more fun in our homes.   And this beautiful elegant dreamy bedroom shows a wonderfully balanced and harmonious space without any symmetry at all!

gold white purple

Pic found via CreamyLife


Let the sun shine on you where ever you are in the world.

-Hugs Lisa


‘Pip’ wallpaper

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There is nothing more refreshing and positive using yellow in a combined guest/hobby room. Get those energy levels running on high!  I have just received some pictures from Elisabeth that was so lucky to win a competition of a few hours interior help from RoomDesign, through the used/recycling shop ‘DenGrønneBaljen’ (which is now closed unfortunately) here in Bergen.  Many ideas, tips and advice were discussed on how to furnish the guest room into a combined hobby room and some tips with colour and wallpaper for her bedroom.  See the results for yourself. I think it all turned out well don’t you think? And by the way for those who love  Helge Jordal, check out the last picture – Elisabeth has the most awesome picture of him in her entrance way!!! Thanks for sending the pictures,Elisabeth:-)

fra hennes egen soverom:-)


Have a fun day everyone:-)



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If you want to make your home more personal, more lived in, try layering. Using layers of rugs on the floor on top of each other or beside each other, pumps up the wow effect in a room. It’s fun putting different lamps together on a side table but use low watt light bulbs of course otherwise they end up killing each other! Building pictures up together either leaning against a wall or arranged on a wall differently than you normally would. Even loads of pillows in different shapes and sizes are an awesome way of adding impact and personality to a room.  Play thats the trick and make your own rules!

via Pinterest
via 79Ideas


Don’t forget to have fun:-) Whatever you do!

See ya soon….




Pimping up lampshades

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Check out these oversized lampshades! What a good idea.  Material on the lampshades is from the amazing swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson.  And you can buy this material on-line through If you happen to have some oversized lampshades in your home try re-vamping up an old lampshade. Or two. Sounds like something to do for the weekend:-)

pic via Livingetc


Happy day everyone:-)



New Mini Grow Lightshades

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David Trubridge is an amazing designer, originally from Northern England but since 1985 has been living in New Zealand. And he gets alot of his inspiration from the nature we have in New Zealand.  LOVE!

His Mini Grow Lights range has just been launched at the 2012 Milan Design Fair. They have taken inspiration from their larger siblings Kina, Koura and Hinaki. I would say that they look pretty fantastic hanging in a group over a dining table or even in a stairwell.

David Trubrigde with the Mini Grow Light range
The bigger lamps Kina, Coral and Koura.


I think I’m wanting them…


Thanks for dropping by,  have a good day :-)


Love Lisa