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Clever ideas for a small bedroom.

Do you have a troublesome storage problem? Is the answer yes? Well you’re not alone!

I was called in for a project to help a family, earlier last year,  looking for exactly to solve this problem. With a baby on the way, the family wanted as much extra storage as possible!!!They wanted bunk beds, extra storage for books and toys, and a double bed for guests and a walk-in closet to clothes!  As you see with the pictures below I think we managed to get everything in.

The hidden away double bed underneath the bunk beds rolls out very easy. The built-in shelves at the end of each bunk gives good space for the books and toys, in easy reach. And the little walk-in closet at the end of the bed makes for easy access to hang all clothes and storage for other things. An advantage with built-in furniture it opens up the floor area for play and games for an active family.

Have to say a big thank you to the fabulous clever John Johnsen, the builder. None of this would ever have been able to do without his positive ‘YES!’ he can fix it attitude. I like to hear a Yes! He’s a good man and would recommend him to anyone wanting home building jobs!

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Practical and functional!  Great fun. You like?!

Have a great day everyone:-)



Embracing the ‘Slow Christmas’ spirit!

What a fantastic ‘Slow Christmas’ evening!!!

It was a wonderfully inspiring evening with 32 interior-happy ladies packed into my office. We discovered and learnt and mastered the whole Slow Living concept! Overwhelming stress and a sense of detachment are very common symptoms of trying to deal with too much in this fast–paced, commodity–filled, and highly technological world. The concept for ‘Slow Living’ directs the desire to lead a more balanced life and to pursue a more healthy sense of well-being in the fullest sense.

We need to slow Down!

We were so lucky to have flower stylist Hilde showing us how to decorate our homes, this Christmas, with more thought and less stress. To re-design and re-use what we find out in nature! Some very cool and creative ideas she had. I was definitely inspired!

gjør ting som ikke koster

happy grouptale01fbgrønt blomsterstjerne på veggIMG_1446fbcandlelight i office

Picture credits til Gunn K Monsen

A spesial thanks to everyone that was there that evening, you are all rock stars!

You all can look forward to the next event!!!

Hugs Lisa.

Let it be a Slow Christmas!

The world is a fast place, faster now than it was like 10 years ago for instance. So what if this year, instead of spending time out hunting down presents for family and friends and buy stuff they may not even like why not spend time with those people instead?

Let’s slow Christmas down.  Take a walk, drink some warm apple glogg and take in all the lit up storefronts and decorations.  Make Christmas cookies from scratch, go sledding, go to a concert, listen to a good choir and bask in the goodwill and beautiful music.

It’s time to reclaim the Christmas spirit.  Christmas is about being nice to people, sharing instead of spending. Let’s give the gift of time, not Money.

jul slow christmas

Now I’m really excited about this Christmas evening! I will be giving expert advice on all the ins and outs of a Slow Christmas  and I’ve got Flowerstylist Hilde giving loads of inspiration on flower decorating and tips on recycling too up-cycling Things in Your home. There will be a glass of champagne and some small goodies to eat and we all will be knocking in all the Christmas spirit before we know what has happened. Fun!!

Space is quite Limited at my Office this year so it’s really important to act quick and reserve Your Place.

Sign up Direct here…

And I’ll contact you With Your confirmation as soon as possible:-)

See you there!!!


Latest funkis home

RoomDesign has been on another new build journey with an active family at Midttun in Bergen. Still a few small things need to be put in order but I just can’t help myself but take a few pictures of the new house just after they moved in.

RoomDesign has come with advice and suggestion on flooring, lighting, bathroom fittings, all tiles and design in the bathrooms, colors, materials and furniture choice through the home.

Take a wee peek at the Pictures under:-)

A big thanks to the family that I have been allowed to help them on their building adventure!

hovedbad02scaledSolheimsnes hovedbad05scaledSolheimsnes hovedbad06Solheimsnes hovedbad03scaledSolheimsnes gulvetscaledSolheimsnes ungesbad01scaledSolheimsnes ungesbad04scaled


Have a fabulous day everyone!!






Thank you 2013, it has been a fantastic year with many experiences. New construction and renovation jobs, interior design courses at Statoil, many interior course evenings over the year, my New Office!!, a trip to DesignSaturday exhibition in Oslo, helping out and attending at the Interior & Housing Exhibition in Bergen , a mention in Bergens Tidende and a fantastic and inspirational evening at my office celebrating  with table settings for Christmas Eve from Norden&Verden from Scandinavian Surface girls, Nordisk Rom and Glass Thomsen! AND not to forget the lauching  of  Elisabeth Ellefsen new scented candles!!
WOW what a year it has been!
Rock on 2014!!
aret 2013bfb
Just a few pics of work that I have done through 2013.


Have a safe New year guys:)

Big hugs Lisa



New home in Bergen

It has been a wonderful adventure and a long building process for this family from Os, Bergen.  And still a little in the packing out stage I have taken the opportunity to take a peak at the newly moved in home.

The best thing about coming in the early stages of building a new house are that you are still able to come with good practicable and functional ideas to the occupants desires and needs in the home. Keeping in mind that this home has a young person racing round in a wheelchair, it was just that, that everything had to be considered when buliding.  The parents didn’t want the house to look like a sterile institution so we worked hard on getting it just right inside.

Take a look…

inngangbad 2 etasje 02 kjøkkenstuenbad collagebadet03soverom01gangentrapperglassvegg i badettrappe 02badet 2 etasjeklesskapet


RoomDesign has come with advice and suggestion on flooring, lighting, bathroom fittings, all tiles and design, colourscheme throughout the house, wallpaper, kitchen and stairs. A big thanks to Helene and Eivend that I have been allowed to help them on their building adventure!

Have a great day everyone!

-Hugs Lisa



Decorating essentials # 3

Rugs are perfect for creating an elegant and sophisticated space. No matter what! And I’m all for that. Whether it is for colour, pattern or just a luxury texture, rugs are absolutely an essential for decorating your home!! Go for big patterns, play with rough and soft textures or add a contrasting complimentary colour to your interior it’s an easy trick to boost your interior.  Use them to determine obvious zones in an open living area. Use an oversized rug in a small room will visually make the room bigger. Why not try putting rugs in kitchens or bathrooms? They make a room more personalized and lived in.

Happy decorating:-)

tips 3

pic via my pinterest acc.


Happy weekend to you all!!

-Hugs Lisa



Decorating essentials #2

Side tables –little bubbies I like to call them. They are so cool and wonderful and most people tend to not use them. Mercy me! But these little guys add a new interest and personality to a space. Beside a chair or sofa, plonk a lamp, a book or some vases with flowers and wham in niks seconds it lifts a space from drab to fab! Definitely my number two essential decorating trick in my book!

essential 2
Pic via my pinterest acc.


Have a super day:)

-Hugs Lisa



Making the coolest colourschemes ever!

Colour is wonderful!  And colour is the cheapest way to transform a room!  So finding a basis colour, weather it being dark or light, is greatly influenced by the natural light through existing windows and the flooring! Don’t forget that if there is great big bush of trees or even a building right outside your window it will reflect into your room. It all plays part in making a right decision for the right colour.

There really is no right or wrong colour here.  It’s all very personal and it’s very much trial and error.  So try painting three colours, on a big area, that you find agreeable at one time. No use putting 20 different shades of white on the wall otherwise it’ll be just so confusing for the eye that you’ll never find the one perfect colour that’s right for you. Live with them on the wall for a few days see how it looks at night with the lighting on and see how it is in the morning and afternoon light. I experience that one colour will stick out more than the others.

Trust your own gut feeling and go for it!!!

blogpicture75blogpicture76Pics credit to Vicky from Livingfourseasons

And of course on RoomDesigns ‘Grunnkurs’ it’s packed full of expert advice on about colour matching, colour relationships and how to put together the coolest colourscheme ever! Once you get to understand the ins and outs of colour, its then you can start confidently playing with colour in your home!!!


Have a great day everyone

-Hugs Lisa



Library/office/guestroom and tv room.

I have been so lucky recently to able to help a couple with two children to decorate their home. A library/office/guest room and tv room for their children in the basement.  A comfortable sleeping sofa was high on their wishes because they have many overnighting visitors. Combined with the Zettel’z pendel lamp makes this I think a very cool library/office space.

In the basement a solid sofa plus little coffee table both from Hay were picked out to emphasize and exenterate the modern funkis style of the home.  Upstairs a new environmentally friendly rug made of bamboo was chosen under their Barcelona chairs to ground the whole sitting arrangement in their big open living area. And in the entrance way you’ll find the awesome Skygarden pendel lamp from Flos! WOW!



25-02-2013 14-52-14



flos lampe


Thanks to you Silje and your lovely husband, it’s been wonderful to work together with you on this project.

Have a wonderful day everyone:-)

-Hugs Lisa