5 simple ways to add style to Your home With plants

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Not all people are clever With plants. That includes me! Sometimes we need just a few easy tricks to give a room that ‘wow faktor’. I believe With these few styling tips under they will just give you that little push and inspiration you need. So read on…

1. Group plants for impact! Minimum effort gives Maximum effect. Group several of the same type of plant in a corner or an area in Your living room that needs a little love:-)

group for impact

2. Use height! Make a statemant in Your home With a tree. They give any room Depth, grandeur and creates loads of interest. I like to knock People off their perches when they walk into a room With a big tree in it:-)

plante med høyde

3 Use interesting potholders! There is nothing more fun, and strange, by using a boring old bowl or vase that you haven’t used for yonks. It gives New life to any plant. Recycle, re-vamp or re-invent. Have fun!

use interesant potter

4 Use texture! Plants With different sized leaves and foliage create a beautiful backdrop for a table. The textures they create together as a Group makes a magical statment. They compliment each other in Complete blissful harmony.

use texture

5 Use contraster! Here is where you really can have fun. Try differents sizes, different potholders, different heights, differents coloured greens etc. Mix and match, hard spiky succulents With soft long cascading plants. Play and make an impact!

use kontraster

NB: All pics come from my Pinterest

How was that?! Just a few little ideas to give you that edge to turn Your home from drab to fab With plants in Your home.

Have a fun day…hugs Lisa xx.

Decorating with plants

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I think we are going to see more plant’s in our homes this year. Decorating with big luscious leafed plants or trees adds more impact and depth to a room, be more relaxing and inviting. We don’t have to be like in the 90’s where plants were all over the house -I’m suggesting we introduce a big plant that will make a statement. An easy peasy trick that adds instant personality to your space!!

Living with plants

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plant living 02

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diningroom plant

pic via Stylebyemilyhenderson


What do you reckon? Would a big plant freshen up your livingroom or diningroom?

-Hugs Lisa