Good as Gold!

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GOLD is going to be hot hot hot this year in interior. Guaranteed!  So whether you sling gold together with white and pastels or rock it up in dark rooms you’ll be creating a space that oozes with style.  I think I’ll be opting for a spray can and blitzing up a few old vases or the like. An addition of wallpaper or a mirror in gold would be stunning. Whatever you do –do it with confidence and have fun!

living room

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Have a great day:-)

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‘Pip’ wallpaper

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There is nothing more refreshing and positive using yellow in a combined guest/hobby room. Get those energy levels running on high!  I have just received some pictures from Elisabeth that was so lucky to win a competition of a few hours interior help from RoomDesign, through the used/recycling shop ‘DenGrønneBaljen’ (which is now closed unfortunately) here in Bergen.  Many ideas, tips and advice were discussed on how to furnish the guest room into a combined hobby room and some tips with colour and wallpaper for her bedroom.  See the results for yourself. I think it all turned out well don’t you think? And by the way for those who love  Helge Jordal, check out the last picture – Elisabeth has the most awesome picture of him in her entrance way!!! Thanks for sending the pictures,Elisabeth:-)

fra hennes egen soverom:-)


Have a fun day everyone:-)


Brooklyn Tin by Merci of Paris

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Brooklyn Tin from NLXL is new wallpaper designed by Merci of Paris, France. It is designed to look like old painted tin tiles, found in ceilings and walls during the early 1900s. Love this very cool vintage and weathered looking wallpaper perfect for a wow effect in any room. In a hallway or as a headboard to your bed or why not try mixing a bit of vintage in a modern room and hang it on your ceiling! A bit odd you may say but it’s all about creating a tantalizing visual focal point in your home, right?

pics via NLXL andBodie&Fou


Keep happy everyone!!:-)))




If it makes you happy…

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Today I have to share a picture with you.

It just makes me want to smile.

Those cranes legs under the coffee table are just so gorgeous. It fills me with love that the bird pictures are scattered over the whole wall.     Now I’m sure a lot of interior designers out there would just shake their heads in disbelief.  But the colours in the room harmonize nicely, the rustic flooring grounds the room beautifully with the modern sofa and the old style wallpaper. So why not make a little wacky in-balance to tantalize the eye and make the room fun!

So if it makes you happy why not!


Pic via desiretoinspire


Happy friday everyone:-)


Love Lisa


Perfectionism sucks.

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picture via Minakani Walls

I dig this picture today. It’s all in the way you put everything together that sets the mood in a room. It’s unexpected, unpretentious and coincidental. Let the interior you live in show what type of person YOU ARE and not somebody else. Forget the perfect room go for a room bursting with personality that tells me all about you. Loving it!


Happy day everyone.


Love Lisa


All-in-white wallpaper

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I have been recently trying to find some wallpaper lately for a client, which has a 3 dimensional look. I came across this wallpaper with books and with wood paneling all in white.  Love it. It gives a room more depth, looks real and at the same time very elegant. Now this would be fun to use…

All pics from Minehearts website.


Happy weekend everyone and I’ll see you next week.


Love Lisa


Taking wallpaper to the outside!

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Awesome! What a brilliant idea from Farrow&Ball with their newly opened concept store in New York. They have brought the inside out side by treating the exterior walls with wallpaper. Wow -for a statement and it looks fantastic. It’s funny how one just has to think outside the box to make such an amazing and exciting feature for the sake of promotion. Though I can’t imagine it would last that long if it started raining though…but who cares it’s such a crazy fun thing to do…

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See you later….

Love Lisa



Flavor paper

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The magical thing about a feature wall is that we can dare to be wild. Wallpaper is a fantastic way of bringing in a bit of colour into a gloomy drab room, as we all know. It adds mood, creates an unexpectedness to a room and what better excuse to play!  Now don’t get me wrong here –one can play with colours for a wow effect but why not play with a tone-in-tone effect as well, using a shiny and matte pattern on a paper. Stunning! It could be just that element the room needs.  Now meanwhile I’m on the subject of wallpaper I tumbled across this site that makes the most amazing funky wallpapers. Highly recommend you read about how Flavor Paper started. Even Lenny Kravitz has designed for them so read on…

All pictures from their website.

Umm… that’s my vitamin dose for the day…have a happy day everyone:)


Love Lisa