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Have you just bought a new apartment or new house and looking to call it your own? I find alot of the newly built apartments and houses interiors’ look pretty much the same these day’s. All the walls are painted with the same light colour, the same tiles in the bathroom, and the same pine or eik on the floor. Help! Where do we begin to make it look like our own place. It’s ok, maybe, to just throw in all the old furniture from our ‘last place’ in to the new place but still things just don’t feel right.  More often than not, many rush out to buy that new fabulous sofa, or that new awesome cool lamp they spotted in the local design store. Still not right? No because when that new fabulous sofa arrives it’s too oversized to the rest of the room! Or when that spectacular lamp is finally hung up it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the apartment.  Oomph! Do you recognize the situation?  A little guidance is needed.  With Nett-based interior help we can draw in the measurements of the apartment or house and then find the right furniture and solutions for the difficult areas.  We can put forward the best textiles and recommend wall colours that work in the whole interior and harmonize together to create your own space!


Here is a styling project done by hand a while ago. Even though all is done fast and in 3d-graphic now I still think you can’t beat the old fashion way.


Have a fabulous day everyone:-)

Love Lisa

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