Creating a home that makes you happy


Don’t you sometimes feel like throwing your arms up in the air with frustration when looking at all the perfect homes pictured in all the interior magazines and blogs all over the world? I know I do. They look so flawless and totally immaculately put together. Yet my home looks like a bomb has gone off. Daily! With three young active noisy kids, a husband who’s constantly walking round repairing or fixing this and that, and a mad cat that drives hubby wild.

I could be breaking the illusion of an idealistic correct world out there but most of those fabulous homes as we know are styled to look so inviting. And sometimes just to be a bit naughty I visualize myself running into these homes in these magazines and blogs, and start throwing a few pillows around just to upset the balance for everyone. Skrek!

But I think in all of us we just want a lived in home that is decorated and surrounded with things we love in this world. Whether it is three noisy kids, fixing and repairing husband or a mad cat, they’re all things I love.

So if it is that perfected styled house or that eclectic mix of old and new or just be it your own style: be happy and follow your heart.   Put together a combination of personal elements and then choose a binding element that holds it all together –that could be colour, texture, or a theme.












House to home

Have a sun filled day.

Love Lisa


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