Coffee at the Laundromat?

By 27. juni 2011Commersial design


Something I find really interesting about commercial design is that everywhere we go weather it’s down the street to the local shop, school, or even on the bus, there’s design in everything we lay our eyes on.  It’s funny how we take for granted what surrounds our every day. The lighting in the library, the flooring in the local shop and the colours used on the walls in the public room are decided by interior designers, right down to the littlest detail and nothing is left to coincidence. The public room should evoke reaction within us without knowing it, where ever we are.

And each public room we find ourselves in weather it is outside or in, are we largely influenced by the rooms’ special interior physics and dynamics which in turn puts’ our behavior and our mentality into a reaction. How does it make us feel? Are we welcomed here, are we at ease here, or maybe we feel a little hostile?

Of course there are many things to consider when interior is designed for restaurants and  shops etc. And with no doubt it’s a difficult task when there is such a wide diversity of people in the world to consider but hopefully the interior should make us feel well.

But this post I saw last week from the fantastic Ideas to Steal blog about a fabulous cafe called Laundromat Cafe in Oslo, tickled my thoughts and I just had to share with you here.  It’s designed by the amazing Simon James Design. For an example of an incredible talent we have in Norway and you can read more about him on his website! Wow factor galore and for a concept!

See more pictures in Ideas to steal -just click on the links above.

A so amazing cafe will you be waiting ages to see again so if in Oslo take a trip to the Laundromat cafe.

Happy day everyone.

Love Lisa


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