Bathroom tips#2: To tile or not to tile?

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That is the question when contemplating floors to the bathroom.  When choosing bathroom flooring the main consideration of course is moisture. Is it durable? How does it feel under your bare feet? How easy is it to clean? Is it tiles or vinyl?

Vinyl is a very exciting product on the market these days. There finds countless colour options and designs. Vinyl comes in sheets or tiles. The tiles can be applied without help from a professional and the bad with the tiles are that they can after a while slowly turn up in the corners if not probably laid down in the first place. While the sheet vinyl gives a lovely seamless floor but does needs a professional to fit it probably on the floor without a seam and that can be difficult if done alone.

Porcelain vs ceramic tiles: It’s important to know that porcelain is denser than ceramic and is less likely to chip. This should not be the ultimate determining factor when deciding whether to go with porcelain or ceramic because ceramic tiles can vary in quality. Wood look ceramic tiles are fabulous to use on the floor now a days, they look so real you can almost not see the difference and they feel like wood as well. They’re easliy laid down by yourself and easy to keep clean.

But selecting the best tile size can be a challenge for anyone. For smaller rooms keep in mind the less you see of a floor the smaller the room will look! The tiles laid at an angle on the floor will as well give the room a bigger feeling. And not to forget the bigger bathrooms as well, you need to take care that all the tiles, fixtures and cabinetry harmonize and balance together.

Alternative flooring ideas found in Topptiles

Who said that there has to be tiles on the walls why not try a vinyl wallpaper in the bathroom. Picture inspiration found via Trendir

Loving the easy combination of tiles on the walls here and the cabinetry creates a well balanced room to be in, picture found via Freshome.

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