Bathroom tips#3: Ignore the trends…Be exclusive!

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WHAT, are you saying? Be an individual, be chic, and exclude the boring. Okay now how can I put this into simple words… LETS GET SOME COLOUR into our lives? I’m often strolling through the ‘to sale’ advertisements on the net and I’m finding white, white and white in all the bathrooms! Now I do realize that if you are selling a house that it’s best to stick to a neutral, easy and white bathroom BUT for those of you who are just renovating your bathroom and not re-selling why not get a bit daring and quirky and opt for a colour other than white.

Simplicity is the key in a small bathroom, so limit the colour scheme and it’s a good idea to store unnecessary products in hidden spaces. In bigger bathrooms you can have a colour scheme in either different nuances or with different sized tiles in the same colour to create an exciting texture in the room. By putting shelves above the toilet or bathtub helps to create a stylish space to store hand towels and your favorite soaps or lotions.

Be warned: these colour schemes they might just knock your socks off…

Via Kohler

Via Trendir

Via Ideas to steal

Via Desire to inspire.

Just thought I would have to put in one happy little white bathroom.


Have a wonderful day :)

Love Lisa


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  • marit sier:

    Jeg safet jo med et hvitt/hvitt bad da jeg pusset opp! -har jeg angret på det?? Jepp!! Deilig å se disse fargeglade badene…. :)

  • Lisa sier:

    Ja dessverre det kan være alt for lett å valge hvit/hvit på bade. Det går an å pynte et hvit baderom opp med farget hankle og ting og tang men det er ingenting så spennende og classy enn et farget baderom. Den som intet våger intet vinner -verdt å tenke på for det neste opp pussings prokjekt kankjse. :)

  • Lisa sier:

    Sometimes we just have to be daring…make the plunge…if it’s well thought out – the colour choice I mean -it can be amazing what we can achieve!

  • ingfrid sier:

    Veldig artig og spennende med farger ;)

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