Bathroomtips#4 Lighting to delight

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I have always thought that good lighting is imperative in a bathroom. But having too much bright lighting will seem harsh and unwelcoming, too dim and you’ll find it hard to see what you’re doing. It’s important to think over what type of lighting to look for when re-decorating…

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When using recessed or down-lighting, it becomes part of the architecture and simply blends into the room. Putting two or more recessed lights, spaced out in a row, play off each other, creating a lighter, brighter space. Avoiding shadows in the corners with good room lighting.

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Lighting centered over a mirror will minimize shadows on your face. Putting lights beside a mirror provides good lighting as well as minimizing shadows. So lighting placed at face level is perfect for grooming or applying makeup. Use practical good  lighting for on the face.

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On the mirror if placing a light directly on the mirror be sure it is as nicely finished in the back as it is in the front. The mirror reflects the back portion of a light so make sure it looks good! Glams up the mirror too.

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Decorative lights enhances light coverage in the room, while working with the other task lights, as while adding to the decor and mood of the bathroom. A gorgeous chandelier over a free standing tub, for example, makes for instant glam and elegance. Make sure your decorative lighting fits in with the rest of the materials and finishes used in the room.

This paths the way for some light fixtures ideas for next week… see you then.


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