Knitting in big scale!

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I’ve talked about this before how interior can be very daunting for many. Thanks to the influence of a million interior magazines, thousands of interior blogs, and interior programs on tv from all over the world, it just makes the normal home look basically drab and dreary! While many of us fight with the thought of creating that cool interior or having that fantastic chair in the corner of the living room, just stand back, take a breath and look at your surroundings in your home. Agree to the fact that some things have to go and agree to the fact that some things need working on. It’s all work in progress, right?  An interior shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either but it’s just how we put it all together. And remember interior in your home should reflect you and not the neighbour…

Okay enough with jabbering and getting along to the real issue of these cool stools from Claire-Anne O’Brien from Ireland. These fantastic knit stools are genius. Texture, oversizing and unique! Brilliant!

Pictures from her website.


Make it a good day today and while you’re at it make it a good weekend too:)


Love Lisa


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