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I don’t know about you all out there but when I take a look around my home I think –what was I thinking when I bought that picture there on the wall, the frame doesn’t do justice to the picture inside it!  What was I thinking when I put that bookshelf inaccessible behind a door, and what on earth was I thinking when I bought that rug under the coffee table! I’ve never liked that colour and pattern, so why is it still there?

Interior decorating is a process and we change our tastes with the wind.

So, how do we achieve that almighty interior look that will make our home into that beautiful home we’ve always wanted?  I say everybody can achieve that beautiful home it’s just you haven’t realized it yet! You just can’t see it, but it’s there right in front of our eyes and it shouldn’t need to cost a fortune to get it! We can recycle, re-design, think new -use the old, blend a little bit of the new with the old.  We just need a little awareness of what to look for when decorating for our dream home.

So take action in your own interior decorating process, come together with other interior lovers at RoomDesigns interior ‘WORKSHOP’…so come on…join in!

Read more about and sign up here ‘WORKSHOP’… I have a few places left on Tors 22 mars…so be quick!!!


See ya soon.


Love Lisa


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