Sneak peek…

Painting walls and ceilings dark has to be the most fantastic experience in interior I have come across. It may not be for everyone but if you should just try a room you will be amazed at why you haven’t done it before. And by no means did the room look any smaller in fact I felt the room expanded out not in. When one uses dark colour on the walls and ceilings and floors remember shots of colour and enough lighting are essential to create a right balance in the room.

These pictures are just a little detail preview to my daughter’s bedroom. More pictures of the whole room will come later.


Love love love


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  • Marit sier:

    Jeg har sett det » i virkeligheten» og liker det så godt!! Synes også at rommet virket større. Jeg håper å gjøre noe lignende med et av soverommene mine- det er iallefall lov å drømme…………..:)


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