Make your own style

By 15. oktober 2012Colours, Shelving

Yes I am still alive and kicking. Has been a while, I know, since my last post but things have been super busy. Not complaining at all just loving it all! Now I don’t like to go banging on about things but for a fantastic interior all we need is confidence! Whatever you do…do it with dignity, be fearless, dare to be different, ditch all the normality’s, mix up all the styles up and be just YOU! Be inspired by all that is around you. Use magazines, blogs, people, colours…add a bit of this and add a bit of that find your own personal style. And don’t forget to add a bit humor otherwise life is just too boring. Bang! You’ve got something to work on to make an awesome home!

pic via AbigailAhern


Have a great day everyone!




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