Open plan living

More and more people are going for the all in one open plan living rooms. The bigger the better is the motiv but how is it to furnish the room. I like to move furniture away from the walls and try to create obvious zones. A sofa, chair or table at an angle will break up the linear aspect of a room. By retaining a single colour palette will the furniture be highlighted and makes as well the transitions between the different zones glide more into each other.

pic via lemonfairswallow

I found a picture recently which shows a good example of a family living in New York. The colours and the relaxed atmosphere to this apartment is absolutely sensational! You can follow the link under the picture to find more pictures of the apartment. Enjoy!


Have a happy day everyone:-)



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  • Love the concept and the idea!

    A big hug,


  • Lisa sier:

    This would have to be absolute the best room to decorate in the home!!! Create as many nooks as possible to make it more interesting. Add loads of lighting to get that cosy factor otherwise everything gets lost in its self! And play with scale:-) Big against the small, shiny against the matt and so on…it’s just to have fun, right?

  • Lisa sier:

    How rude not to say HEI!!! (Forget myself abit here) Big hugs to you Vicky!!! Hows the new job getting along???

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