Shifting moods

By 1. november 2012Colours

It’s okay we shift our moods all the time when decorating our home. One day minimalistic or the next day or month Glam&Rock! And sometimes, well most often, we are never satisfied.   But it’s the final result, the finishing touches, we are all looking for in a room, right?  Sometimes it’s the background to the room that is hindering that balance and harmony in the room. Have you the right colour on the walls to show off your art collection? Is the room missing atmosphere? How does the lighting affect the colour in the room? Many questions you have to ask yourself and where does one begin!   You can of course keep to a happy safe same colour background throughout your home or you can create an unexpected surprise with colour like the picture below. Shifting the moods from room to room and why not? Try you never know what the room will lead you to:-)

pic via pinterest


Happy day everyone and happy weekend too:-)))



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