Moving furniture away from walls

Moving furniture away from the walls in your living room breaks up the linear aspects in your room.  It gives more depth to the room; by showing more of the floor makes the room instantly bigger, more airy and far less boring! It can be as simple as angling a chair or table slightly too just add a little interest to a room and away from the boring mundane linear lines of a square room! Who knows by moving your furniture a little you might discover a whole new look to your space!!

living room

Pic via Designsponge


Have a great day everyone!

-Hugs Lisa


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  • I wish I could do something like that. You feel my head with good ideas :-)


  • Ups…. You fill ;-)

  • Lisa sier:

    Hei Vicky! Takk for din kommenter:-) Don’t we all wish for more space in our living room? And sometimes the room is just not big enough, or the wrong shape to do anything with it. But I reackon we just to think outside the box, think the opposite to the obvious. In winter time it’s nice to arrange the sofa group round the fireplace, in sommer time try something else. Make it cosy, make it a room you love be in. A console table behind a sofa is really practicabel to have, weather it’s between the sofa and a wall or just facing into the room. You can put books, lamps and display things on and at the same time your bringing depth and interest into the room. Make loads of focal points around, have fun doing it and make it your own. Try not to be too influenced by what we see in magasines, bloggs etc. Not easy, that! Stor klem.

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