Library/office/guestroom and tv room.

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I have been so lucky recently to able to help a couple with two children to decorate their home. A library/office/guest room and tv room for their children in the basement.  A comfortable sleeping sofa was high on their wishes because they have many overnighting visitors. Combined with the Zettel’z pendel lamp makes this I think a very cool library/office space.

In the basement a solid sofa plus little coffee table both from Hay were picked out to emphasize and exenterate the modern funkis style of the home.  Upstairs a new environmentally friendly rug made of bamboo was chosen under their Barcelona chairs to ground the whole sitting arrangement in their big open living area. And in the entrance way you’ll find the awesome Skygarden pendel lamp from Flos! WOW!



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flos lampe


Thanks to you Silje and your lovely husband, it’s been wonderful to work together with you on this project.

Have a wonderful day everyone:-)

-Hugs Lisa



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