Adding elements!

By 15. mars 2013Bathroom

Very embarrassed that it has been yonks since last time I wrote a post for my blog!! Work has been so hectic with my interior courses turning out to be a little more popular than I envisioned. So it’s all fun and play but not much writing going down.  But today I want to share the thought of brightening up a sterile corner in a bathroom. All bathrooms are just so boring and always sterile, right?  So why not make the little toilet more fun and more of an experience to be in and add a few more elements to make it more personal and more lived in! This is my bathroom, horribly small for a family of five I must admit!  But sometimes we just have to make do with what we’ve got.  Adding a big silk flower arrangement and a bigger picture which I bought from Ikea and suddenly I feel it looks lived in. If there is good enough ventilation there should be no problem with silk flowers in the room. Easy peasy for what a little change can do. You like?



Have a wonderful weekend everyone:-)

-Hugs Lisa


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