Making the coolest colourschemes ever!

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Colour is wonderful!  And colour is the cheapest way to transform a room!  So finding a basis colour, weather it being dark or light, is greatly influenced by the natural light through existing windows and the flooring! Don’t forget that if there is great big bush of trees or even a building right outside your window it will reflect into your room. It all plays part in making a right decision for the right colour.

There really is no right or wrong colour here.  It’s all very personal and it’s very much trial and error.  So try painting three colours, on a big area, that you find agreeable at one time. No use putting 20 different shades of white on the wall otherwise it’ll be just so confusing for the eye that you’ll never find the one perfect colour that’s right for you. Live with them on the wall for a few days see how it looks at night with the lighting on and see how it is in the morning and afternoon light. I experience that one colour will stick out more than the others.

Trust your own gut feeling and go for it!!!

blogpicture75blogpicture76Pics credit to Vicky from Livingfourseasons

And of course on RoomDesigns ‘Grunnkurs’ it’s packed full of expert advice on about colour matching, colour relationships and how to put together the coolest colourscheme ever! Once you get to understand the ins and outs of colour, its then you can start confidently playing with colour in your home!!!


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