Three must have essentials to make an impact for your shelves, windowsills or console tables!

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Believe it or not it doesn’t take much to make your window sills or console tables into a master piece. First things first though – remember if everything is the same size on your table it’s guaranteed to be plain old boring so mix it up! Put tall vases next to smaller ones; chunky square looking ceramics next to curvaceous ones, mix hard with soft, something feminine with something masculine, play around with the scale….


The Three basic element’s


Stack them under a lamp or vase or anything for that case. Creates a focus point.


Throw some flowers or even a green plant in a vase or pot. It’ll freshen up the table endless. Makes for another interesting focus point.


One lamp or two -why not? Use one light to light up the wall behind a big vase. And add a little light to give a touch of intrigue to the whole table.  It all creates depth and personality.

Do away with rows of vases shocking and boring and no big gaps! Make a story with all your personal nips and don’t let them stand all on their poor little own.

dressing shelves

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What ever you do just have fun dressing Your table:-)

Happy day to all!!

Hugs Lisa



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