Wall or mirror light?

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Lighting fixtures inspiration…whatever takes your fancy for the day…

Ice cube -incredabily cool on the wall above or beside the mirror in clear glass from Lampefeber.

Perfect for applying make-up, loving this mirror Lumina from Expo-Nova.

Sporty and fun new SÄVERN from Ikea.

A modern twist to wall lighting Nova from Svedbergs.

This would look stunning on a mirror -nothing like adding a bit of exclusiveness and glamour to a bathroom, not sure you would get the best light on your face though, but some sacrifice we have to make sometimes. Sfera from Tilboligen.no


Have a good day everyone;)

Love Lisa


Bathroomtips#4 Lighting to delight

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I have always thought that good lighting is imperative in a bathroom. But having too much bright lighting will seem harsh and unwelcoming, too dim and you’ll find it hard to see what you’re doing. It’s important to think over what type of lighting to look for when re-decorating…

Picture via Trendir

When using recessed or down-lighting, it becomes part of the architecture and simply blends into the room. Putting two or more recessed lights, spaced out in a row, play off each other, creating a lighter, brighter space. Avoiding shadows in the corners with good room lighting.

Picture via Hgtv

Lighting centered over a mirror will minimize shadows on your face. Putting lights beside a mirror provides good lighting as well as minimizing shadows. So lighting placed at face level is perfect for grooming or applying makeup. Use practical good  lighting for on the face.

Picture via Style At Home

On the mirror if placing a light directly on the mirror be sure it is as nicely finished in the back as it is in the front. The mirror reflects the back portion of a light so make sure it looks good! Glams up the mirror too.

Picture via Style At Home

Decorative lights enhances light coverage in the room, while working with the other task lights, as while adding to the decor and mood of the bathroom. A gorgeous chandelier over a free standing tub, for example, makes for instant glam and elegance. Make sure your decorative lighting fits in with the rest of the materials and finishes used in the room.

This paths the way for some light fixtures ideas for next week… see you then.


Have a fun weekend everyone…

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Looking dark and sexy

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I’m back… and ready for action.  Today I was looking for some dark and sexy and powerful inspiration just to get me started after the summer holidays. The sun is still shining here in Bergen but I just love this interior. The darkness of colour, natural materials with the use of both light and dark woods creates an unreal stunning and exciting combination for an interior… very exciting indeed. I’m lovin’ it.

For more pictures check out Desire to Inspire here.

See you soon again…


Love Lisa


Summer holidays

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I’m now officially on holiday. From today there will be sheer bliss of relaxing and doing nothing. Absolutely zero, nought, not a thing, zilch, nil…it sounds like heaven! Three weeks of joy sounds great to me. But I’m really looking forward to autumn folks with lots of happenings and a competition for facebook followers so I would like to wish everybody on this side of the world a beautiful and happy summer holiday and look forward to seeing ya in August with bells on and rearing to go.

Pictures found via The Guardian

Aren’t they fun?

See you in August.

Love Lisa:)



Difficult corners…

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Space is a big issue in a small apartment. One should maximize and utilize. So why not use a corner shelf to create a stylish space in the room. Brilliant!  Now why haven’t we thought of this before? These fantastic shelves come from Content by Conran who is the founder for Habitat and the Conran Shop. He has a very relaxed and informal range of contemporary furniture made from simple and natural materials. We like that right! I think they would look fabulous in any home whatever style or period your house my be.

Pictures from his website

You can find more products from Content by Conran from fantastic Eske in Oslo.


Happy sunny weekend everyone:-)

Love Lisa


Bathroom tips#3: Ignore the trends…Be exclusive!

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WHAT, are you saying? Be an individual, be chic, and exclude the boring. Okay now how can I put this into simple words… LETS GET SOME COLOUR into our lives? I’m often strolling through the ‘to sale’ advertisements on the net and I’m finding white, white and white in all the bathrooms! Now I do realize that if you are selling a house that it’s best to stick to a neutral, easy and white bathroom BUT for those of you who are just renovating your bathroom and not re-selling why not get a bit daring and quirky and opt for a colour other than white.

Simplicity is the key in a small bathroom, so limit the colour scheme and it’s a good idea to store unnecessary products in hidden spaces. In bigger bathrooms you can have a colour scheme in either different nuances or with different sized tiles in the same colour to create an exciting texture in the room. By putting shelves above the toilet or bathtub helps to create a stylish space to store hand towels and your favorite soaps or lotions.

Be warned: these colour schemes they might just knock your socks off…

Via Kohler

Via Trendir

Via Ideas to steal

Via Desire to inspire.

Just thought I would have to put in one happy little white bathroom.


Have a wonderful day :)

Love Lisa


Talk about a hamburger of a home colourful enough to eat

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You may well have seen these pictures out and about in the blogging world but wham this home is so much fun! This fabulous home belongs to Charlotte Gueniau who is the founder for Rice and she has opened her home in Denmark for a little peak in side. I see the conscious use of a singular colour turquoise in different shades throughout, as a backdrop for the interior, creates a very clean sharpness to the whole home. Well balanced rooms with an unexpected fun factor to the house. More more more please…

Pictures found via MarieClaire

Have a fabulous Friday everyone and a great weekend!

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Bathroom tips#2: To tile or not to tile?

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That is the question when contemplating floors to the bathroom.  When choosing bathroom flooring the main consideration of course is moisture. Is it durable? How does it feel under your bare feet? How easy is it to clean? Is it tiles or vinyl?

Vinyl is a very exciting product on the market these days. There finds countless colour options and designs. Vinyl comes in sheets or tiles. The tiles can be applied without help from a professional and the bad with the tiles are that they can after a while slowly turn up in the corners if not probably laid down in the first place. While the sheet vinyl gives a lovely seamless floor but does needs a professional to fit it probably on the floor without a seam and that can be difficult if done alone.

Porcelain vs ceramic tiles: It’s important to know that porcelain is denser than ceramic and is less likely to chip. This should not be the ultimate determining factor when deciding whether to go with porcelain or ceramic because ceramic tiles can vary in quality. Wood look ceramic tiles are fabulous to use on the floor now a days, they look so real you can almost not see the difference and they feel like wood as well. They’re easliy laid down by yourself and easy to keep clean.

But selecting the best tile size can be a challenge for anyone. For smaller rooms keep in mind the less you see of a floor the smaller the room will look! The tiles laid at an angle on the floor will as well give the room a bigger feeling. And not to forget the bigger bathrooms as well, you need to take care that all the tiles, fixtures and cabinetry harmonize and balance together.

Alternative flooring ideas found in Topptiles

Who said that there has to be tiles on the walls why not try a vinyl wallpaper in the bathroom. Picture inspiration found via Trendir

Loving the easy combination of tiles on the walls here and the cabinetry creates a well balanced room to be in, picture found via Freshome.

Picture found via Hgtv.com.


Happy inspirational day :)

Love Lisa

Coffee at the Laundromat?

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Something I find really interesting about commercial design is that everywhere we go weather it’s down the street to the local shop, school, or even on the bus, there’s design in everything we lay our eyes on.  It’s funny how we take for granted what surrounds our every day. The lighting in the library, the flooring in the local shop and the colours used on the walls in the public room are decided by interior designers, right down to the littlest detail and nothing is left to coincidence. The public room should evoke reaction within us without knowing it, where ever we are.

And each public room we find ourselves in weather it is outside or in, are we largely influenced by the rooms’ special interior physics and dynamics which in turn puts’ our behavior and our mentality into a reaction. How does it make us feel? Are we welcomed here, are we at ease here, or maybe we feel a little hostile?

Of course there are many things to consider when interior is designed for restaurants and  shops etc. And with no doubt it’s a difficult task when there is such a wide diversity of people in the world to consider but hopefully the interior should make us feel well.

But this post I saw last week from the fantastic Ideas to Steal blog about a fabulous cafe called Laundromat Cafe in Oslo, tickled my thoughts and I just had to share with you here.  It’s designed by the amazing Simon James Design. For an example of an incredible talent we have in Norway and you can read more about him on his website! Wow factor galore and for a concept!

See more pictures in Ideas to steal -just click on the links above.

A so amazing cafe will you be waiting ages to see again so if in Oslo take a trip to the Laundromat cafe.

Happy day everyone.

Love Lisa


A celebrities’ private home

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Please God, if I be a good girl and be nice to everybody and everything in this world can I move into Courteney Cox’s Malibu home looking over the Pacific Ocean.  Please!  I don’t think I have seen such a beautiful, non-pretentious, down to earth celebrity home before. The wooden walls in the entrance hall with the big art pieces are to die for…

And you can read and find more pictures to feed your soul from her house in ElleDecor, well worth a visit.

I think I might just go and take a dip in the pool, what do you think?


Happy and glorious week-end to you all.

Love Lisa.