Bathroom tips#1: create a mood-board

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I get really excited about bathrooms. Really! I think many people cringe a little and get fidgety at the thought of renovating the most visited room in a house. And not to mention that it’s the first thing we see when we start our day AND it can be a cost-bar affair if not done properly. So it’s an important room.

One serious note though, and can’t point out enough, how important it is to use professional workmen to do the ground work. No one likes to talk about money but one cheap penny saved can in the long run turn to be many more expensive pennies down the track. Realities are it’s a worthy investment, and bathrooms have a huge re-sale value when selling your house.

And so, my favorite, I love to talk about the aesthetics that lie in the bathroom. The fantastic world of tiles, fixtures, cabinets, mirrors, lighting, showers, bathtubs and toilets is huge! You may have an idea or not but a good idea is to start up a mood-board.  You may have heard about this before but a mood-board is just such a brilliant idea to sort out all the ideas and wishes into one place. Clip out all the bathrooms you like from a few different mags or print out some pictures from the net. Stick them up and start dreaming…

Here are few favourites I found…

Loving the different textures here via Freshome

Loving these colours and easiness via Housetohome

Just had to set in this beautiful and delicate bathroom in via desiretoinspire.

In the next few months I thought I might once a week tickle your taste buds a little with a few tips on creating that dream bathroom. Ideas and thoughts to ponder over before you set about doing that big job.  What do you think?  Is there something you would like to know more about?  Write me or leave a comment, I’d love to know.

Have a dreamy day.

Love Lisa


Creating a home that makes you happy

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Don’t you sometimes feel like throwing your arms up in the air with frustration when looking at all the perfect homes pictured in all the interior magazines and blogs all over the world? I know I do. They look so flawless and totally immaculately put together. Yet my home looks like a bomb has gone off. Daily! With three young active noisy kids, a husband who’s constantly walking round repairing or fixing this and that, and a mad cat that drives hubby wild.

I could be breaking the illusion of an idealistic correct world out there but most of those fabulous homes as we know are styled to look so inviting. And sometimes just to be a bit naughty I visualize myself running into these homes in these magazines and blogs, and start throwing a few pillows around just to upset the balance for everyone. Skrek!

But I think in all of us we just want a lived in home that is decorated and surrounded with things we love in this world. Whether it is three noisy kids, fixing and repairing husband or a mad cat, they’re all things I love.

So if it is that perfected styled house or that eclectic mix of old and new or just be it your own style: be happy and follow your heart.   Put together a combination of personal elements and then choose a binding element that holds it all together –that could be colour, texture, or a theme.












House to home

Have a sun filled day.

Love Lisa


FANCY that!

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Hey, check out this fabulous website from my very own homeland in New Zealand! Fancy keeps you up to date on all the lastest finds from New Zealands top designers and abroad. So for a little inspiration of design and art from the other side of the world get cracking and start clicking…

New Zealand fashion designer Karen Walkers’ home from The Selby.

Wall art by Cut Collective.

All pictures are from her blog so just a little taste of what lies inside there. Have fun and enjoy a bit of different culture.


Have a great weekend everyone.

Love Lisa


Question:French country-style in the dark?

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I had somebody the other day asking me about French country-style with dark furniture. The elegant dark classic furniture from France is stunning, and the country-style amongst all the other interior-styles that come from France can be very exciting as well as challenging for many.

Picture found via desiretoinspire

But by no means does it have to be expensive to decorate your home in the French country-style, if you already have inherited some classic mahogany pieces. Your furniture does not necessarliy have to come from the early French period but with a combination of your dark furniture, simple pale walls, some gold accents and some luxurious curtains and pillows, you’re well on the way for an elegant French country-style in your living room.












Picture found via Housetohome

This picture above has many different pieces of furniture in the one room but because of the simple painted walls and no curtains (hopefully no peeping toms in the neighbourhood) all the other pieces come into their own right. Fabulous! And that sofa, don’t you just want to sit in it! Anyway a good start is by looking at the floors, walls and windows and look for some colours her to set you in the right direction for a French country-style colour in your living room. Good luck:-)

Have a happy and busy weekend.

Love Lisa


Universal forming

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The importance of universal forming in the commercial world of building and interior was on the agender for a breakfast meeting at Kinnarps this morning. Within 2025 Norway has planned a project called ‘universal forming’ with relevance to equality for all people whatever health situation or obstacle standing in the way. From simplifying buildings and better access to like hospitals, libraries, restaurants to schools and even busses, makes life more possible for the less functional person to get out and about. Architects and commercial interior designers need a little reminder every now and then. So availability for all, I’m for that! Anyway here are some pictures from their showroom…












































Have a fair and equal day…:-)

Love Lisa


Unique chance

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Interiør & Boligmessen 2011

Bergen,Grieghallen 23.-25. September

For those of you living i Bergen, this is the very first interior and house fair ever in Bergen with everything from A-Z in interior to do under one roof. And it’s going to be exciting with top designers from Bergen like Skandinavian Surface, and Knudsen og Hindenes. Many of the top interior design shops will be there as well like Inside Design, TiT Art&Design and Berle Taburetten and many, many more. There will be some fantastic artists displaying their art work, several special guests speaking, and many different cafes serving coffee so that you can sit and relax in between the happenings. Sounds like a unique change to catch up on trends and news out there in the interior world, in Bergen!

And then, drum roll please…little me is going to be there as well. I’m very excited and very nervous and I can’t wait! Little me showing off what I can do. It’s a big honour and privilege to be allowed to be there, and I’m thrilled to be where design, kvalitet and individualism stands high on the list for an interior event!


So have a brilliant day ’cause I know I will:-)

Love Lisa


Epoxy resin floors

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Pictures found via Marie Claire Maison.

I came across these pictures the others day from a London based designer Ab Rogers Design who works a little out of the ordinary. In this fabulous ‘rainbow house’ in London he has turned an average home into something totally wild and amazing. The floors have come into their own right with an original design and then layers of epoxy resin to give it that extremely smooth, shiny and hard surface. Epoxy resin floors are mostly used in industrial buildings (because of its’ hardness), but is more and more popular to use in the private household. It does come with a warning though –it can be very slippery when water is on the surface. But we can be careful right!  Think what fantasy can achieve…


Have a great day!

Love lisa