Embracing the ‘Slow Christmas’ spirit!

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What a fantastic ‘Slow Christmas’ evening!!!

It was a wonderfully inspiring evening with 32 interior-happy ladies packed into my office. We discovered and learnt and mastered the whole Slow Living concept! Overwhelming stress and a sense of detachment are very common symptoms of trying to deal with too much in this fast–paced, commodity–filled, and highly technological world. The concept for ‘Slow Living’ directs the desire to lead a more balanced life and to pursue a more healthy sense of well-being in the fullest sense.

We need to slow Down!

We were so lucky to have flower stylist Hilde showing us how to decorate our homes, this Christmas, with more thought and less stress. To re-design and re-use what we find out in nature! Some very cool and creative ideas she had. I was definitely inspired!

gjør ting som ikke koster

happy grouptale01fbgrønt blomsterstjerne på veggIMG_1446fbcandlelight i office

Picture credits til Gunn K Monsen

A spesial thanks to everyone that was there that evening, you are all rock stars!

You all can look forward to the next event!!!

Hugs Lisa.

5 last minute fixes for the festive season!

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Drape fairylights everywhere…

over mirrors, fire mantles, up stair banisters, in vases and why not indoor trees and plants!


Jazz up Your Christmas table…

do it with glam, keep it simple and make it sparkle!

sparkle table


Get that Christmas brew Cooking…

before the guests arrive put some fresh ginger, cloves, allspise, Orange peel, cinnamon, and a Vanilla pod into a sausepan and simmer away. It will set the house With the most incrediable scent!

scent brew

Overdose on the eculyptus leaves…

they are cheap and look fabulous in any vase. And they smell devine!

euclyuptus bouquet

Get the fire started outside!..

Fires outside are great for gatherings and when all the guests get hot inside… Everyone will relish the thought of popping out for a quick festive drink of mulled wine!


all pics via pinterest


Heres wishing to all a very Happy peaceful Christmas!!

All my love

Hugs Lisa


Let it be a Slow Christmas!

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The world is a fast place, faster now than it was like 10 years ago for instance. So what if this year, instead of spending time out hunting down presents for family and friends and buy stuff they may not even like why not spend time with those people instead?

Let’s slow Christmas down.  Take a walk, drink some warm apple glogg and take in all the lit up storefronts and decorations.  Make Christmas cookies from scratch, go sledding, go to a concert, listen to a good choir and bask in the goodwill and beautiful music.

It’s time to reclaim the Christmas spirit.  Christmas is about being nice to people, sharing instead of spending. Let’s give the gift of time, not Money.

jul slow christmas

Now I’m really excited about this Christmas evening! I will be giving expert advice on all the ins and outs of a Slow Christmas  and I’ve got Flowerstylist Hilde giving loads of inspiration on flower decorating and tips on recycling too up-cycling Things in Your home. There will be a glass of champagne and some small goodies to eat and we all will be knocking in all the Christmas spirit before we know what has happened. Fun!!

Space is quite Limited at my Office this year so it’s really important to act quick and reserve Your Place.

Sign up Direct here…

And I’ll contact you With Your confirmation as soon as possible:-)

See you there!!!


Latest funkis home

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RoomDesign has been on another new build journey with an active family at Midttun in Bergen. Still a few small things need to be put in order but I just can’t help myself but take a few pictures of the new house just after they moved in.

RoomDesign has come with advice and suggestion on flooring, lighting, bathroom fittings, all tiles and design in the bathrooms, colors, materials and furniture choice through the home.

Take a wee peek at the Pictures under:-)

A big thanks to the family that I have been allowed to help them on their building adventure!

hovedbad02scaledSolheimsnes hovedbad05scaledSolheimsnes hovedbad06Solheimsnes hovedbad03scaledSolheimsnes gulvetscaledSolheimsnes ungesbad01scaledSolheimsnes ungesbad04scaled


Have a fabulous day everyone!!





Three must have essentials to make an impact for your shelves, windowsills or console tables!

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Believe it or not it doesn’t take much to make your window sills or console tables into a master piece. First things first though – remember if everything is the same size on your table it’s guaranteed to be plain old boring so mix it up! Put tall vases next to smaller ones; chunky square looking ceramics next to curvaceous ones, mix hard with soft, something feminine with something masculine, play around with the scale….


The Three basic element’s


Stack them under a lamp or vase or anything for that case. Creates a focus point.


Throw some flowers or even a green plant in a vase or pot. It’ll freshen up the table endless. Makes for another interesting focus point.


One lamp or two -why not? Use one light to light up the wall behind a big vase. And add a little light to give a touch of intrigue to the whole table.  It all creates depth and personality.

Do away with rows of vases shocking and boring and no big gaps! Make a story with all your personal nips and don’t let them stand all on their poor little own.

dressing shelves

Pic via pinterest

What ever you do just have fun dressing Your table:-)

Happy day to all!!

Hugs Lisa



One easy peasy trick!!

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If there was ONE thing that I would pick out as a great interior trick that will lift a room instantly, is add something in Yellow! A pillow, or a rug or even a vase it’ll create an Instant colour bomb in a room and add a New unexpected fokus talking point! How great is that?!

Yellowpic via Pinterest

Have a happy day lovielies.



Some decorating tips for the New Year!

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I don’t know about you but by the time Christmas and New Year celebrations are finished I‘m bursting for a new clean start for the New Year!  And that means fluffing around moving the sofa, chairs and coffee tables round, trying new looks with the old furniture.

I’m always talking, at my interior courses, about how to make a room or space more interesting and how important it is to get away from the square-ness of a room no matter the size of the room. Easy peasy decorating tips and tricks will elevate your space in a jiffy!

1) Don’t leave walls bare –this just promotes the square-ness of the room. Adding focal points distract the eyes especially if the room happens to be small. So group together elements they give more power together than if they were alone!

2) Play with pattern and texture. It tantalizes and warms the room beyond belief. It’s the spice of the room.

3) Create different small zones in your room. This enhances and gives depth to any room whatever the size. The picture below is a great example of a small room with different zones. Makes for more balance and harmony in the room and more lived in! Perfect, yes?


 Pic via my Pinterest

Have a great day guys!

Big hugs:-)




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Thank you 2013, it has been a fantastic year with many experiences. New construction and renovation jobs, interior design courses at Statoil, many interior course evenings over the year, my New Office!!, a trip to DesignSaturday exhibition in Oslo, helping out and attending at the Interior & Housing Exhibition in Bergen , a mention in Bergens Tidende and a fantastic and inspirational evening at my office celebrating  with table settings for Christmas Eve from Norden&Verden from Scandinavian Surface girls, Nordisk Rom and Glass Thomsen! AND not to forget the lauching  of  Elisabeth Ellefsen new scented candles!!
WOW what a year it has been!
Rock on 2014!!
aret 2013bfb
Just a few pics of work that I have done through 2013.


Have a safe New year guys:)

Big hugs Lisa



Changing a room with colour blocking

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Colour blocking often applies to fashion but it works well in interior and it simply means that you pair one or several totally different colours together to make a bold statement. Choose a shade that has the same level of intensity for a real cool effect. I talk about colour blocking on my interior courses and it’s such a cheap and quick and easy way of transforming a room! Fun!

rød takblå trapperred wallyellow walls

Pics via pinterest

Happy Thursday guys.



Balance & harmony

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Balance and harmony is very important in a well decorated home. A good balance is as simple as having furniture and elements spread equally around a room. And a good harmony is how well the elements actually work together.

Colours have to be able to look and work well together. Textures are used basically  to create an exciting unexpected visual tension in a room. With patterns it can be a harmonic basic colour that will bind them together to create an awesome marriage of the two or more. Exciting!

Balance and harmony go hand in hand and I love this picture below. It shows a well balanced room with a cool injection of harmony with cool textures and patterns together. Nice!

Living room

Pic via pinterest


Happy and good decorating:-)