Library/office/guestroom and tv room.

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I have been so lucky recently to able to help a couple with two children to decorate their home. A library/office/guest room and tv room for their children in the basement.  A comfortable sleeping sofa was high on their wishes because they have many overnighting visitors. Combined with the Zettel’z pendel lamp makes this I think a very cool library/office space.

In the basement a solid sofa plus little coffee table both from Hay were picked out to emphasize and exenterate the modern funkis style of the home.  Upstairs a new environmentally friendly rug made of bamboo was chosen under their Barcelona chairs to ground the whole sitting arrangement in their big open living area. And in the entrance way you’ll find the awesome Skygarden pendel lamp from Flos! WOW!



25-02-2013 14-52-14



flos lampe


Thanks to you Silje and your lovely husband, it’s been wonderful to work together with you on this project.

Have a wonderful day everyone:-)

-Hugs Lisa



Spacious bathroom

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New bathroom with three wishes; functional, elegant and with a wardrobe. My clients wanted a place to store their clothes away. And as it was, they had a cupboard standing in the way of the door as well as a window which was cutting off all the light into the rest of the bathroom! After drawing up the whole bathroom from scratch again the final result achieved was a more practical room and ample space freeing up the windows increasing the natural daylight. Some beautiful bronze mosaic tiles were used in the bottom of the shower and exclusive mosaic styled big tiles on the wall beside the bathtub. Beautiful.



Have a great day!



Decorating with plants

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I think we are going to see more plant’s in our homes this year. Decorating with big luscious leafed plants or trees adds more impact and depth to a room, be more relaxing and inviting. We don’t have to be like in the 90’s where plants were all over the house -I’m suggesting we introduce a big plant that will make a statement. An easy peasy trick that adds instant personality to your space!!

Living with plants

pic found via Viciouslycydplant living 01
 Via Sfgirlbybay

plant living 02

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diningroom plant

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What do you reckon? Would a big plant freshen up your livingroom or diningroom?

-Hugs Lisa



Adding odd to spaces!

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For those that have been on my recent ‘Masterclass’ course will recognize this picture! We talk about adding something odd ball to our interior. Something that will create a conversation or catch the eye! Whether it is a sculpture, artwork or something outrageous like hanging a stuffed ducks head on the wall like in this picture, we need more fun in our home. (May not be for animal lovers out there in the world – sorry if they find this offensive.) But my point is -humour lightens the mood in any space and because life is way too short to stick to ordinary boring interior rules!


 Pic from my Pinterest account


Have fun whatever you do!!

Love Lisa



Gold+white+purple bedroom

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I must say I think it is a bit boring than when two bedside lamps are exactly same.  We just need some personality, spontaneity and more fun in our homes.   And this beautiful elegant dreamy bedroom shows a wonderfully balanced and harmonious space without any symmetry at all!

gold white purple

Pic found via CreamyLife


Let the sun shine on you where ever you are in the world.

-Hugs Lisa


Super inspiring ‘Masterclass’ evening.

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What a fantastic evening I have had with RoomDesigns new super inspiring ‘Masterclass’. We’re learning to decorate with style that will knock the socks off the neighbors’. Our own style has just got better! So with just a few tricks of the trade, some easy peasy steps and a bit of confidence these girls are on the right way to decorating an inspiring home! Thanks to Drømmekjøkkenet for letting me be allowed to have the course there!030201

I will be making new dates soon for the next RoomDesigns ‘masterclass’. If you want to be on the next ‘masterclass’ course let me know!!!

Have an inspring day everyone!

-Hugs Lisa


Moving furniture away from walls

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Moving furniture away from the walls in your living room breaks up the linear aspects in your room.  It gives more depth to the room; by showing more of the floor makes the room instantly bigger, more airy and far less boring! It can be as simple as angling a chair or table slightly too just add a little interest to a room and away from the boring mundane linear lines of a square room! Who knows by moving your furniture a little you might discover a whole new look to your space!!

living room

Pic via Designsponge


Have a great day everyone!

-Hugs Lisa


Pale pink violet

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Last week Fargeriket announced lilac as colour of the year. Lilac or mauve is not one of my favourite colours. Not sure why really?  But pale pink violet sounds sexier than lilac and pale pink with a hint a blue purple adds a bit of a chill affect to the name. But I reckon this picture below with the crystal chandelier and the pale pink violet walls is absolutely gorgeous. Maybe, I might just be showing a little weakness for pale pink violet colour! If this picture has anything to do with it.

mauve wall

pic via pinterest


Have an awesome happy week everyone!

-Hugs Lisa