Black and White

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Our home is an extension of whom and what we are. So what we do and have in our homes shapes and influences our look on life, our mood and every day’s efficiency. So when redecorating or refurnishing, do it with happiness. Do it with style and confidence!


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Love the dark door frame and the clean lines of this hallway. Black and white are always a very cool combination!

Happy week everyone:-)



Good as Gold!

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GOLD is going to be hot hot hot this year in interior. Guaranteed!  So whether you sling gold together with white and pastels or rock it up in dark rooms you’ll be creating a space that oozes with style.  I think I’ll be opting for a spray can and blitzing up a few old vases or the like. An addition of wallpaper or a mirror in gold would be stunning. Whatever you do –do it with confidence and have fun!

living room

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Have a great day:-)

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Happy holidays!

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This year has been an absolutely fabulous year and below is a just a small selection of pictures from events and jobs that I have been working on throughout the year…

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!!




Have a great day:-))))



‘Pip’ wallpaper

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There is nothing more refreshing and positive using yellow in a combined guest/hobby room. Get those energy levels running on high!  I have just received some pictures from Elisabeth that was so lucky to win a competition of a few hours interior help from RoomDesign, through the used/recycling shop ‘DenGrønneBaljen’ (which is now closed unfortunately) here in Bergen.  Many ideas, tips and advice were discussed on how to furnish the guest room into a combined hobby room and some tips with colour and wallpaper for her bedroom.  See the results for yourself. I think it all turned out well don’t you think? And by the way for those who love  Helge Jordal, check out the last picture – Elisabeth has the most awesome picture of him in her entrance way!!! Thanks for sending the pictures,Elisabeth:-)

fra hennes egen soverom:-)


Have a fun day everyone:-)


Fun with mirrors!

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We all know mirrors are fantastic to use in an interior. They not only add extra light to a room and make small rooms look bigger but they should as well add an interesting reflection story into a room. What I mean is it shouldn’t reflect just a bare wall but reflect something that’ll catch your eye. Makes a difference you’ll see. I think every room deserves a mirror!

This picture was taken at home of Interior Designer I visited for one day in London 2 months ago. Because she is publishing a book in the next few weeks I am unable to use her name in any way what so ever -strict instructions from her publicist. But I’m sure I can drop one picture without saying a word (our little secret) right:-)


Happy day to you!



Texture on a grand scale!

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It has to be new love! Nothing like layering knitted blankets on sofas, stoles or beds for warmth and coziness on a cold autumn day. These awesome blankets are beautifully handmade of wool or linen and no two are the same. A little company called Little Dandelion makes these fabulous blankets so you can drool over their pictures’ on the link PressKit from their website site here.

pics via a fabulous new blog I have discovered Llamas’ValleyBlog


It’s a brand new day with brand new possibilities…you just don’t know what might happen today:-)


Happy day everyone!



Shifting moods

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It’s okay we shift our moods all the time when decorating our home. One day minimalistic or the next day or month Glam&Rock! And sometimes, well most often, we are never satisfied.   But it’s the final result, the finishing touches, we are all looking for in a room, right?  Sometimes it’s the background to the room that is hindering that balance and harmony in the room. Have you the right colour on the walls to show off your art collection? Is the room missing atmosphere? How does the lighting affect the colour in the room? Many questions you have to ask yourself and where does one begin!   You can of course keep to a happy safe same colour background throughout your home or you can create an unexpected surprise with colour like the picture below. Shifting the moods from room to room and why not? Try you never know what the room will lead you to:-)

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Happy day everyone and happy weekend too:-)))



Open plan living

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More and more people are going for the all in one open plan living rooms. The bigger the better is the motiv but how is it to furnish the room. I like to move furniture away from the walls and try to create obvious zones. A sofa, chair or table at an angle will break up the linear aspect of a room. By retaining a single colour palette will the furniture be highlighted and makes as well the transitions between the different zones glide more into each other.

pic via lemonfairswallow

I found a picture recently which shows a good example of a family living in New York. The colours and the relaxed atmosphere to this apartment is absolutely sensational! You can follow the link under the picture to find more pictures of the apartment. Enjoy!


Have a happy day everyone:-)