Shelving tips…

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Now heres a good idea… keep it simple so not to create to much clutter in a room. Attach a row of simple wooden boxes to a board and hang on the wall. Brilliant. Great for small spaces, which I know alot of us don’t have enough of. Space! And the beautiful elegant lamp shade is from Lightyears called Concert-P1 fabulous lighting from denmark.

Have a good day,

Love lisa

Looking through the porthole…

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I feel almost like I shouldn’t be looking through the port hole, or maybe just a feeling of couriousity, just a wee look!    I see a wonderful collection of different colours, textures and a mix of different wallpapers for each wall. Very cool. I am totally for a contrast of different textures and patterns for walls and soft furnishing. It creates an exciting energy to the room.  We just have to play a little putting opposites together. Try it!

Happy weekend everybody.

Love Lisa

Teenage bedroom.

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Opportunity knocks on my door. A teenage bedroom is in the making. I love the chance to start a room from scratch. It’s a small room no more than 8 m² so theres a challange with space. But we love challanges right!  Wishlist is ‘a bit of colour’, a place for friends to sit, and a desk for homework. Three wishes, sounds like a kinde egg, three surprises in one package… can’t wait to start…


Just love all the posters on the wall. Maybe time for a more sophisticated young lady interior?

See ya,