5 Benefits to using rugs in your home

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Having rugs in your home can make a enormous difference to the appearance, personality and style for your home. Those who never thought of keeping rugs in their house cannot realize the importance, elegance and difference in the overall living and impression that it will make.

blogg-bildepic credit Pinterest

There are many benefits of rugs and I have gathered just 5 of many…

#1. Creates an instant and perfect focal point of colour for your room.

#2. Rugs act as a shield for your hardwood floors. They protect the floor from all kinds of stains and scratches.

#3. They  help to absorb loud noise of radio and TV, as compared to a room with hard surfaces.

#4. Rugs are made up of many different materials that will keep your house warm, thus saving your heating expenses.

#5. One fun thing to do is it can be hanged on the wall. Cool idea, no?

Have a good day all:-)

Hugs og love xx

5 simple ways to add style to Your home With plants

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Not all people are clever With plants. That includes me! Sometimes we need just a few easy tricks to give a room that ‘wow faktor’. I believe With these few styling tips under they will just give you that little push and inspiration you need. So read on…

1. Group plants for impact! Minimum effort gives Maximum effect. Group several of the same type of plant in a corner or an area in Your living room that needs a little love:-)

group for impact

2. Use height! Make a statemant in Your home With a tree. They give any room Depth, grandeur and creates loads of interest. I like to knock People off their perches when they walk into a room With a big tree in it:-)

plante med høyde

3 Use interesting potholders! There is nothing more fun, and strange, by using a boring old bowl or vase that you haven’t used for yonks. It gives New life to any plant. Recycle, re-vamp or re-invent. Have fun!

use interesant potter

4 Use texture! Plants With different sized leaves and foliage create a beautiful backdrop for a table. The textures they create together as a Group makes a magical statment. They compliment each other in Complete blissful harmony.

use texture

5 Use contraster! Here is where you really can have fun. Try differents sizes, different potholders, different heights, differents coloured greens etc. Mix and match, hard spiky succulents With soft long cascading plants. Play and make an impact!

use kontraster

NB: All pics come from my Pinterest

How was that?! Just a few little ideas to give you that edge to turn Your home from drab to fab With plants in Your home.

Have a fun day…hugs Lisa xx.

Join the «Afternoon Tea Party»!

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Thanks to all the wonderfully fabulous ladies that joined me at my «Afternoon Tea Party».

Those who know me know that I just love, at any chance, to have a party! I brought 6 m of linen from IKEA, as a tablecloth, to reach over the two long tables put together. I made sure that I washed the linen first to give it that crinkled effect.

You can mix and match all the tea cups and tea pots, that just adds to the charm of the evening. I made 3 batches of scones Cheese Scones, Date scones and some fresh strawberry scones they were all delicious! Don’t forget to have a small selection of different English teas.

Oh and by this stage have a glass of champagne to calm the nerves  – and then dress the table and then just wait for the guests to arrive. Of course I had to make a Carrot cake as well just for fun.

Don’t worry I have written the Scone recipe half way through the picture book undder. Just scroll down and enjoy!

RoomDesign 01 RoomDesign Tea party RoomDesign tea party RoomDesign tea Party RoomDesign tea party RoomDesign tea party


3 cups flour

6 teaspoons baking powder

¼ teaspoon salt

75g butter

1 to 1 ½ cups milk

Sift flour, baking powder and salt into a bowl. Cut butter in until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add milk (not necessarily all) mix quickly with a knife to a soft dough. Knead a few times with your fingertips, avoid handling too much. Lightly dust an oven tray with flour. Press scone dough out onto this. Cut into 10–12 even-sized scones. Brush tops with a little milk. Bake at 220 C for 10 minutes or until golden brown.

You can add cheese at the end on top of the scones. Or you can, while blending, add some dates and a little cinnamon and sugar. Or what about fresh strawberries right at the end of blending with a spoon full of sugar before baking?

Eat with cream and jam. With the cheese scones I would spread some butter on the warm scones. Enjoy!

tea party Tea party  tea party styling tea party styling tea party styling tea party Photo credits to the wonderful Gunn Monsen

Have fun and make Your own ‘Afternoon Tea Party’.   Highly recommended:-)

Hugs xx.

Embracing the ‘Slow Christmas’ spirit!

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What a fantastic ‘Slow Christmas’ evening!!!

It was a wonderfully inspiring evening with 32 interior-happy ladies packed into my office. We discovered and learnt and mastered the whole Slow Living concept! Overwhelming stress and a sense of detachment are very common symptoms of trying to deal with too much in this fast–paced, commodity–filled, and highly technological world. The concept for ‘Slow Living’ directs the desire to lead a more balanced life and to pursue a more healthy sense of well-being in the fullest sense.

We need to slow Down!

We were so lucky to have flower stylist Hilde showing us how to decorate our homes, this Christmas, with more thought and less stress. To re-design and re-use what we find out in nature! Some very cool and creative ideas she had. I was definitely inspired!

gjør ting som ikke koster

happy grouptale01fbgrønt blomsterstjerne på veggIMG_1446fbcandlelight i office

Picture credits til Gunn K Monsen

A spesial thanks to everyone that was there that evening, you are all rock stars!

You all can look forward to the next event!!!

Hugs Lisa.

Let it be a Slow Christmas!

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The world is a fast place, faster now than it was like 10 years ago for instance. So what if this year, instead of spending time out hunting down presents for family and friends and buy stuff they may not even like why not spend time with those people instead?

Let’s slow Christmas down.  Take a walk, drink some warm apple glogg and take in all the lit up storefronts and decorations.  Make Christmas cookies from scratch, go sledding, go to a concert, listen to a good choir and bask in the goodwill and beautiful music.

It’s time to reclaim the Christmas spirit.  Christmas is about being nice to people, sharing instead of spending. Let’s give the gift of time, not Money.

jul slow christmas

Now I’m really excited about this Christmas evening! I will be giving expert advice on all the ins and outs of a Slow Christmas  and I’ve got Flowerstylist Hilde giving loads of inspiration on flower decorating and tips on recycling too up-cycling Things in Your home. There will be a glass of champagne and some small goodies to eat and we all will be knocking in all the Christmas spirit before we know what has happened. Fun!!

Space is quite Limited at my Office this year so it’s really important to act quick and reserve Your Place.

Sign up Direct here…

And I’ll contact you With Your confirmation as soon as possible:-)

See you there!!!


5 hours free interior help with BoligPartner!

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Are you considering building a new home?

Boligpartner provides architect-designed houses and cabins in prefab concept. And if you are thinking of buying a new home with BoligPartner within 1 October 2013, they will give you 5 hours free professional interior help from Room Design, in co-operation with this BoligPartner campaign. Awesome!!

boligpartner image

Pic via BoligPartner webside


Campaign soom runs out so contact one of your local Westland Offices if you have any queries…




Sotra & Askøy

The superteam are only too happy to answer any questions you may have:-)

Have fun and maybe we’ll see each other!!


Wanting to make your home better?

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This weekend is the annual housing fair in Bergen ’Make your home better’. Experts in the building industry lending out advice and tips on just how to make your home a better place. And as you might not know but BoligPartner is giving a 5 hours ‘Gratis interiørhjelp’ campaign at the housing fair.

BoligPartner feels so strong about how important it is to get the most out of your new home and to ensure a good quality living environment they are offering this exclusive campaign at the housing fair this weekend. Awesome!

If you buy a new home with BoligPartner within 1 October 2013, they will give you 5 hours free professional interior help from Room Design in co-operation with this BoligPartner campaign.

And we all know it’s daunting in the building stage of your new home -well there is always help in need! RoomDesigns expert interior advice will help you put together all the furnishings and elements you need in create and personalize the ultimate fantastic home you have always wished and dreamed of.  Not bad!

stuepic via BoligPartners side

Take a trip and visit  ‘Boligmessen’ Åsane Vestlandshallen this weekend and check out BoligPartners offer:-)


-Hugs Lisa


Danish design meets Bergens’ Interior trade fair

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RoomDesign is big on individualism for an interior.  Our very own interior style is an evolving thing that can last all our lives. It NEVER stops! Don’t you agree we all want that kick ass interior that mirrors you and what you are?  Individual as you are and not just look like it comes from out from an interior magazine. We need a little confidence…and a little fun.

And speaking of individualism, while I was on a course in Denmark before summer this year I meet a fantastic girl who designs these beautifully made shelves with her husband. The form and design caught my eye instantly, and then and there knew I just have to show off these exclusive shelves at my stand at the fair. And Heidi agreed! Retro designed, individual and classic enough in style to hold for many years to come.  Stack them, decide which legs you want, build your very own designed shelf unit to your own needs, its limitless! It’s the first time the shelves are shown exclusively on the Norwegian market. Now unfortunately she is unable to come to the fair but is entrusting me with the task of presenting her shelves :-)))

So come and see these beautiful shelves at RoomDesigns stand.

Looking at individualism at its best for furniture design.

Heidi Wiinberg


Have a fun and wonderful monday:-)))



Presenting NEW design from Danmark

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When I was in Denmark just before the summer, I had the pleasure to meet a most fantastic furniture designer called Heidi Wiinberg. With her husband they make some very classical and timeless pieces of furniture.  Teve shelves are the latest addition to their exclusive design collection. Beautiful solid wood shelves in 3 different sizes they look a bit like the old tv box from many years ago. They can be stabled upon each other so you can build a solid unit just to your liking. Sounds like fun -nothing like good design.

And I’m VERY proud to announce that this good Scandinavian design Teve from Wiinbergis  is coming to Bergen at my stand at the Interiør&Bolig messen in September!!!

 Thats Heidi, not me, by the way…pics courtesy av Wiinberg


Have a wonderful sunny weekend everyone:-)