Get decorating essential #4

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Flowers, botanic and faux flowers are in! We’re past the eighties type of thing with the gruesome plastic faded looking flowers. We’re into faux flowers that you can’t see the difference from the real ones.

Take my flowers on my office desk. People look at them and think what a beautiful mix they are. I love it. I just have to giggle and say ‘THEY’RE NOT REAL!’  And why not mix it up. Make an extra fantastic focus point in your home with a small vase of fresh season flowers with the faux ones. Botanics are all the rage now too. Fig trees are very popular they will guaranteed lift a corner in your home.

One easy peasy decorating essential that will turn any space from drab to fab!

tips #4


Happy decorating!

-Hugs Lisa


Decorating essentials # 3

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Rugs are perfect for creating an elegant and sophisticated space. No matter what! And I’m all for that. Whether it is for colour, pattern or just a luxury texture, rugs are absolutely an essential for decorating your home!! Go for big patterns, play with rough and soft textures or add a contrasting complimentary colour to your interior it’s an easy trick to boost your interior.  Use them to determine obvious zones in an open living area. Use an oversized rug in a small room will visually make the room bigger. Why not try putting rugs in kitchens or bathrooms? They make a room more personalized and lived in.

Happy decorating:-)

tips 3

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Happy weekend to you all!!

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Decorating essentials

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Last week at ‘Teppesenteret og Lobelias’ customer evening I talked about 4 important elements that will give your home that extra personal touch! It doesn’t matter what interior style you are, or have, these 4 fundamental decorating essentials will turn your space into something more fantastic. More yours! And I thought it might fun to share with you. So to get the ball running I’m starting off with decorating essential #1 –Mirrors. All rooms should have a mirror! They create depth in small rooms, they give dark rooms more light and whatever interior style you have it adds an element of glamour. Go supersize or dramatic! Have you a wall that looks naked? That’s a great place to start with a mirror.
Essential #2 coming next week!

tips 1

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Have a great day everyone!

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Moving furniture away from walls

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Moving furniture away from the walls in your living room breaks up the linear aspects in your room.  It gives more depth to the room; by showing more of the floor makes the room instantly bigger, more airy and far less boring! It can be as simple as angling a chair or table slightly too just add a little interest to a room and away from the boring mundane linear lines of a square room! Who knows by moving your furniture a little you might discover a whole new look to your space!!

living room

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Have a great day everyone!

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Love what your have or get rid of it!

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The more you add and create the more interesting the space becomes.

An eclectic interior is one of the hardest styles to pull off in an interior. And by all means not every ones cup of tea. Many people just have a natural talent at getting a mix just right.  It’s all about mixing and layering and having fun!                                                               The picture below is a fun example for an eclectic style. There’s a mix of the old with the new, matt with the shiny, a little vintage with the modern. I think a visual tension adds massive intrigue to a room. And SO important to love the furniture you have in the space you’re using, otherwise it will create an unbalance to the room…well not just for the room but with yourself. Believe me it’s true. Living with a piece of furniture that annoys you is just not worth having, right?


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Happy Thursday everyone! L.O.V.E



Flowers and seashells

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I have never experinced a piece of lighting that has totally drawn me into a room like these fantastic lighting pieces from Janne Kyttänen for Okko. I’m thinking please, pretty please let me have one of these lamps below..I promise I’ll be a good girl:)      The only place to find these beautiful pieces in Bergen is Ebinteriør, so take contact if your interested!            They have to been seen to believe!

All pics are from their webside Okko



My inspiration for the day for you…have a good day everyone:)


Love Lisa