Open plan living

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More and more people are going for the all in one open plan living rooms. The bigger the better is the motiv but how is it to furnish the room. I like to move furniture away from the walls and try to create obvious zones. A sofa, chair or table at an angle will break up the linear aspect of a room. By retaining a single colour palette will the furniture be highlighted and makes as well the transitions between the different zones glide more into each other.

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I found a picture recently which shows a good example of a family living in New York. The colours and the relaxed atmosphere to this apartment is absolutely sensational! You can follow the link under the picture to find more pictures of the apartment. Enjoy!


Have a happy day everyone:-)




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If you want to make your home more personal, more lived in, try layering. Using layers of rugs on the floor on top of each other or beside each other, pumps up the wow effect in a room. It’s fun putting different lamps together on a side table but use low watt light bulbs of course otherwise they end up killing each other! Building pictures up together either leaning against a wall or arranged on a wall differently than you normally would. Even loads of pillows in different shapes and sizes are an awesome way of adding impact and personality to a room.  Play thats the trick and make your own rules!

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Don’t forget to have fun:-) Whatever you do!

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Step 2: Floorplans & moodboards

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First visit with a client is like being a detective; finding the values, needs and wishes. Reading between the lines and discovering the personalities that live in the home. My job is to find and recreate a home that they can call THEIR own! So working very closely and listening to what they say is the utmost importance. To achieve a fantastic result!

So here is yesterday’s work, with a client, in progress; first moodboard with floorplans.

Kitchen table, sofa corner and dining table in focus…

What do you think?

You like?


Have a great day everyone:-)

If it makes you happy…

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Today I have to share a picture with you.

It just makes me want to smile.

Those cranes legs under the coffee table are just so gorgeous. It fills me with love that the bird pictures are scattered over the whole wall.     Now I’m sure a lot of interior designers out there would just shake their heads in disbelief.  But the colours in the room harmonize nicely, the rustic flooring grounds the room beautifully with the modern sofa and the old style wallpaper. So why not make a little wacky in-balance to tantalize the eye and make the room fun!

So if it makes you happy why not!


Pic via desiretoinspire


Happy friday everyone:-)


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An eye for detail

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I find myself very fascinated with this living room below and had to share it with you.  There are just so many interesting details to this room I just don’t know where to begin! The lemon walls with the beige silky curtains. The pictures hung tightly over the top of the windows. The chunky wood base furniture with the classical reading chairs in the back ground. Check the Scandinavian pendel lamp-shade and the brassy French metal floor lamp in the foreground.  Lemon, gold, beige and black. What a mix! And I love the linen coloured floss rug on the polished concrete floor.  Here lives somebody with an eye for detail.

pic found via Traditionalhome


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