Deep and moody…

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….haven’t had many dark and moody pictures for a while now. I love the dark green walls with yellow and mustard as contrasting colours in this picture below. The glossy picture on the matt wall highlights the picture perfectly with the rest of the room. It’s a very balanced interior which brings the picture and the furnishings together. Very cool!

Pic from Abigail Ahern

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Warming it up with rugs

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Falling for a real mix today! With rugs that could suit any taste and any purse. What’s your favorite?  Though I love dark and moody interiors -today I’m falling for the first picture cool, white and calm with that awesome luxurious rug, don’t you just want to run your fingers through that pile?

Pics from

Pics via Kasthall.comBoth rugs from Bolia.From Boconcept

Keep yourself warm and safe…

Love Lisa

Bringing the outside in!

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I’m absolutely enthused… not that I’m looking forward to the long snowy months in front of us but this space is dreamy…the big windows, the white wooden paneling, the rustic cabin feeling is just amazing. I could sit at the window and watch all wild life go casually by…wouldn’t that be just fantastic! Brings nature right in. Now how’s that for inspiration…happy weekend:)

Pic via Trendir


Love Lisa


Modern fireplaces

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There is something warm and soothing about a fireplace. Make it as a feature in a comtempary interior can be just stunning. While many of us can only dream of having an open fireplace in our home, these tantalizing pictures here will only weaken us more with wanting…so sorry:))

Via Trendr

Via Milla

via Archiexpo

via Homedecorationinterior

via Hgtv


Make it a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to do something nice for your self…you deserve it, right!


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My and Roo…

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These lounge chairs My and Roo call for major relaxing if you ask me and would look fantastic in any room with a chill out factor. Ulla Koskinen has designed these chairs for Woodnotes in Finland and is upholstered in 70% paper yarn and 30% cotton. Finds in many colours as well.  Super cool.


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Colour rocks

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Inspirational image from Trendr

Decorating with colour doesn’t have to so scary if you keep a neutral backdrop. I know many people would love to have more colour in their living spaces but get a bit jittery with the thought of mixing and matching the colours! But remember opposites! Backdrop neutral and rest of the room jeweled up with colour, as you can see in the picture above from this apartment in Stockholm. Use a complementary scheme of colours and then throw in some patterns and wham you’ve got impact! What do you think, are you a colour person or not?

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Creating a home that makes you happy

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Don’t you sometimes feel like throwing your arms up in the air with frustration when looking at all the perfect homes pictured in all the interior magazines and blogs all over the world? I know I do. They look so flawless and totally immaculately put together. Yet my home looks like a bomb has gone off. Daily! With three young active noisy kids, a husband who’s constantly walking round repairing or fixing this and that, and a mad cat that drives hubby wild.

I could be breaking the illusion of an idealistic correct world out there but most of those fabulous homes as we know are styled to look so inviting. And sometimes just to be a bit naughty I visualize myself running into these homes in these magazines and blogs, and start throwing a few pillows around just to upset the balance for everyone. Skrek!

But I think in all of us we just want a lived in home that is decorated and surrounded with things we love in this world. Whether it is three noisy kids, fixing and repairing husband or a mad cat, they’re all things I love.

So if it is that perfected styled house or that eclectic mix of old and new or just be it your own style: be happy and follow your heart.   Put together a combination of personal elements and then choose a binding element that holds it all together –that could be colour, texture, or a theme.












House to home

Have a sun filled day.

Love Lisa