Making the most of a Small Bathroom

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“We are a busy family of 5 in need of help with reorganizing of Storage space, new space planning and modernizing of our existing bathroom. High in the wish list is a bathtub to wash our big sized dog after trips in the woods.”

Conquering small bathrooms can be challenge when lacking in storage, organization and in need of modernizing. The clients were open to something different, not the normal white, to clever spacing planning and have good storage possibilities which was all very important for the active family.

We decided to take away a little bit of the entranceway creating a possibility for a shower nook in the bathroom without sacrificing the otherwise small floor area in the bathroom.

The wall between the bathroom and a little laundry room was removed. We added sliding wardrobe doors in black glass to reflect light and create a more spacious feel.

We were lucky that the window could be moved enabling better placing of vanity and mirror cabinet.

The clients loved the idea of darker walls and lighter floors. This gave the bathroom depth and created a unique feeling to the room.

Maximizing space and cleaning up all clutter with a mirror cabinet, matching wall storage cabinet and vanity just gave the extra practical edge to the room. By opening the bathroom more made the bathroom more spacious visually. The oval free-standing bathtub become the hero, or focus point of the room which the clients loved! With the darker walls good lighting was necessary under and over the mirror cabinet.

All it takes is just a few simple changes to the whole space planning of the bathroom area and the family functions much better. This adding value to their life and the whole apartment.

We like that!

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RoomDesign has had the privilege of working on this prosject giving advice on the spaceplanning,  furniture, tiles, lighting and colourscheme.

Thanks to the fabulous family in Nesttun that allowed me to help them on their renovation travels!!<3<3

Hugs Lisa xx


Spacious bathroom

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New bathroom with three wishes; functional, elegant and with a wardrobe. My clients wanted a place to store their clothes away. And as it was, they had a cupboard standing in the way of the door as well as a window which was cutting off all the light into the rest of the bathroom! After drawing up the whole bathroom from scratch again the final result achieved was a more practical room and ample space freeing up the windows increasing the natural daylight. Some beautiful bronze mosaic tiles were used in the bottom of the shower and exclusive mosaic styled big tiles on the wall beside the bathtub. Beautiful.



Have a great day!



Fun with mirrors!

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We all know mirrors are fantastic to use in an interior. They not only add extra light to a room and make small rooms look bigger but they should as well add an interesting reflection story into a room. What I mean is it shouldn’t reflect just a bare wall but reflect something that’ll catch your eye. Makes a difference you’ll see. I think every room deserves a mirror!

This picture was taken at home of Interior Designer I visited for one day in London 2 months ago. Because she is publishing a book in the next few weeks I am unable to use her name in any way what so ever -strict instructions from her publicist. But I’m sure I can drop one picture without saying a word (our little secret) right:-)


Happy day to you!



Wall or mirror light?

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Lighting fixtures inspiration…whatever takes your fancy for the day…

Ice cube -incredabily cool on the wall above or beside the mirror in clear glass from Lampefeber.

Perfect for applying make-up, loving this mirror Lumina from Expo-Nova.

Sporty and fun new SÄVERN from Ikea.

A modern twist to wall lighting Nova from Svedbergs.

This would look stunning on a mirror -nothing like adding a bit of exclusiveness and glamour to a bathroom, not sure you would get the best light on your face though, but some sacrifice we have to make sometimes. Sfera from


Have a good day everyone;)

Love Lisa


Let’s face it.

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Mirrors are very handy indeed to an interior. They make small rooms look bigger, they make dark corners look brighter, and if you cover a whole wall from ceiling to floor with a mirror you can pretend there’s another room in there!  Anyway today I was in ‘Hjem Kjære Hjem’ for those who live in Bergen,in search for some wallpapers to the teenage room and saw this lovely mirror which would brighten up even the darkest room anywhere in a house. Comes in two different sizes too.

You like? Would look great in a more comtempary interior…

See ya soon again.

Love Lisa