Small budget big ideas!

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We all have big ideas when we want to renovate but it’s the tight budget that cuts the dreams down.

Creativity is key to renovation problems! It may just solve all your problems to achieve your dreams, even though you may have a tight budget.  Through good planning, creative problem solving and a well-trained interior designers eyes (which may down the road save you from horrible costly mistakes as well) can look at a challenged area and create it into something more fun and functional to be in and work from. And we all know that a practical and functional space just makes life so much more easy and enjoyable. Am I right?!

I find the tighter the budget the more creative we have to be.

This latest project RoomDesign has been working on involved space planning for several rooms in this apartment, re-inventing the kitchen and dining area, material choices, soft furnishings, lighting and colour scheme. The client did have a tight budget and wanted to prioritize a new plan for her small kitchen area that before had direct access into the bathroom!

She as well wanted a space with personality and something that packed a punch. Well we did that didn’t we? The wallpaper!

By moving the door to another area and taking away the wall between the dining room and kitchen, it gave better opportunity for a floor to ceiling storage cupboard and made a more inviting social space. The kitchen comes from Ikea and with great help from a super clever builder he helped us build the intricate cupboards and draws to maksimize every centimentre of the wall. The client loves this area and spends the whole time here.

And don’t you just love the wallpaper?! Its called Botany Banana designed from Lemon in South Africa and can be found via


Pic credits Gunn K Monsen

5 Benefits to using rugs in your home

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Having rugs in your home can make a enormous difference to the appearance, personality and style for your home. Those who never thought of keeping rugs in their house cannot realize the importance, elegance and difference in the overall living and impression that it will make.

blogg-bildepic credit Pinterest

There are many benefits of rugs and I have gathered just 5 of many…

#1. Creates an instant and perfect focal point of colour for your room.

#2. Rugs act as a shield for your hardwood floors. They protect the floor from all kinds of stains and scratches.

#3. They  help to absorb loud noise of radio and TV, as compared to a room with hard surfaces.

#4. Rugs are made up of many different materials that will keep your house warm, thus saving your heating expenses.

#5. One fun thing to do is it can be hanged on the wall. Cool idea, no?

Have a good day all:-)

Hugs og love xx

Some decorating tips for the New Year!

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I don’t know about you but by the time Christmas and New Year celebrations are finished I‘m bursting for a new clean start for the New Year!  And that means fluffing around moving the sofa, chairs and coffee tables round, trying new looks with the old furniture.

I’m always talking, at my interior courses, about how to make a room or space more interesting and how important it is to get away from the square-ness of a room no matter the size of the room. Easy peasy decorating tips and tricks will elevate your space in a jiffy!

1) Don’t leave walls bare –this just promotes the square-ness of the room. Adding focal points distract the eyes especially if the room happens to be small. So group together elements they give more power together than if they were alone!

2) Play with pattern and texture. It tantalizes and warms the room beyond belief. It’s the spice of the room.

3) Create different small zones in your room. This enhances and gives depth to any room whatever the size. The picture below is a great example of a small room with different zones. Makes for more balance and harmony in the room and more lived in! Perfect, yes?


 Pic via my Pinterest

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Brooklyn Tin by Merci of Paris

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Brooklyn Tin from NLXL is new wallpaper designed by Merci of Paris, France. It is designed to look like old painted tin tiles, found in ceilings and walls during the early 1900s. Love this very cool vintage and weathered looking wallpaper perfect for a wow effect in any room. In a hallway or as a headboard to your bed or why not try mixing a bit of vintage in a modern room and hang it on your ceiling! A bit odd you may say but it’s all about creating a tantalizing visual focal point in your home, right?

pics via NLXL andBodie&Fou


Keep happy everyone!!:-)))




Sneak peek…

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Painting walls and ceilings dark has to be the most fantastic experience in interior I have come across. It may not be for everyone but if you should just try a room you will be amazed at why you haven’t done it before. And by no means did the room look any smaller in fact I felt the room expanded out not in. When one uses dark colour on the walls and ceilings and floors remember shots of colour and enough lighting are essential to create a right balance in the room.

These pictures are just a little detail preview to my daughter’s bedroom. More pictures of the whole room will come later.


Love love love


All-in-white wallpaper

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I have been recently trying to find some wallpaper lately for a client, which has a 3 dimensional look. I came across this wallpaper with books and with wood paneling all in white.  Love it. It gives a room more depth, looks real and at the same time very elegant. Now this would be fun to use…

All pics from Minehearts website.


Happy weekend everyone and I’ll see you next week.


Love Lisa


Knitting in big scale!

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I’ve talked about this before how interior can be very daunting for many. Thanks to the influence of a million interior magazines, thousands of interior blogs, and interior programs on tv from all over the world, it just makes the normal home look basically drab and dreary! While many of us fight with the thought of creating that cool interior or having that fantastic chair in the corner of the living room, just stand back, take a breath and look at your surroundings in your home. Agree to the fact that some things have to go and agree to the fact that some things need working on. It’s all work in progress, right?  An interior shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either but it’s just how we put it all together. And remember interior in your home should reflect you and not the neighbour…

Okay enough with jabbering and getting along to the real issue of these cool stools from Claire-Anne O’Brien from Ireland. These fantastic knit stools are genius. Texture, oversizing and unique! Brilliant!

Pictures from her website.


Make it a good day today and while you’re at it make it a good weekend too:)


Love Lisa


Mixing patterns

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Sometimes we need a little spicing up in our every day so why not mix it up a little. For those of us on a budget it’s an easy way of sprucing up the living room. A blend of different patterns can make a huge effect simply by just adding pleads, cushions, curtains or rugs on the floor to the living area. Here’s som inspiration…

From top, textures via Livingetc; living green room via Housetohome; sofa and wallpaper via Desiretoinspire; modern via Elledeco; stripes and flowers via Livingetc; sofa via Trendir; cushions via Housetohome.


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