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Whatever you do…make your own style!!  We lose faith, nothing looks right and we give up way too soon when decorating our home. We just need a little confidence!   And I promise awesome things will happen:-)


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Have a fun day everyone:-)




Make your own style

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Yes I am still alive and kicking. Has been a while, I know, since my last post but things have been super busy. Not complaining at all just loving it all! Now I don’t like to go banging on about things but for a fantastic interior all we need is confidence! Whatever you do…do it with dignity, be fearless, dare to be different, ditch all the normality’s, mix up all the styles up and be just YOU! Be inspired by all that is around you. Use magazines, blogs, people, colours…add a bit of this and add a bit of that find your own personal style. And don’t forget to add a bit humor otherwise life is just too boring. Bang! You’ve got something to work on to make an awesome home!

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Have a great day everyone!




Presenting NEW design from Danmark

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When I was in Denmark just before the summer, I had the pleasure to meet a most fantastic furniture designer called Heidi Wiinberg. With her husband they make some very classical and timeless pieces of furniture.  Teve shelves are the latest addition to their exclusive design collection. Beautiful solid wood shelves in 3 different sizes they look a bit like the old tv box from many years ago. They can be stabled upon each other so you can build a solid unit just to your liking. Sounds like fun -nothing like good design.

And I’m VERY proud to announce that this good Scandinavian design Teve from Wiinbergis  is coming to Bergen at my stand at the Interiør&Bolig messen in September!!!

 Thats Heidi, not me, by the way…pics courtesy av Wiinberg


Have a wonderful sunny weekend everyone:-)



Cool round shaped shelf

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 Loving this brilliant small round shelf, from a Inga Sempe in France, which can be used anywhere where space is a problem…me like! Check out and run the mouse over the picutres on her cool website with instructions of how you put it up on the wall. Fun!

Hoping you’re having a great Tuesday:)

Love Lisa

Living with books

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There has been so much lately in the media about living with books so I thought I might just jump on the bandwagon and share my version of books in the home. There’s something soothing and calming about living with books. Each book holds its very own little history or world -imagine! Check out these pictures below for some inspiration with arranging books in your home.

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Difficult corners…

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Space is a big issue in a small apartment. One should maximize and utilize. So why not use a corner shelf to create a stylish space in the room. Brilliant!  Now why haven’t we thought of this before? These fantastic shelves come from Content by Conran who is the founder for Habitat and the Conran Shop. He has a very relaxed and informal range of contemporary furniture made from simple and natural materials. We like that right! I think they would look fabulous in any home whatever style or period your house my be.

Pictures from his website

You can find more products from Content by Conran from fantastic Eske in Oslo.


Happy sunny weekend everyone:-)

Love Lisa


Shelving tips…

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Now heres a good idea… keep it simple so not to create to much clutter in a room. Attach a row of simple wooden boxes to a board and hang on the wall. Brilliant. Great for small spaces, which I know alot of us don’t have enough of. Space! And the beautiful elegant lamp shade is from Lightyears called Concert-P1 fabulous lighting from denmark.

Have a good day,

Love lisa