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Small budget big ideas!

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We all have big ideas when we want to renovate but it’s the tight budget that cuts the dreams down.

Creativity is key to renovation problems! It may just solve all your problems to achieve your dreams, even though you may have a tight budget.  Through good planning, creative problem solving and a well-trained interior designers eyes (which may down the road save you from horrible costly mistakes as well) can look at a challenged area and create it into something more fun and functional to be in and work from. And we all know that a practical and functional space just makes life so much more easy and enjoyable. Am I right?!

I find the tighter the budget the more creative we have to be.

This latest project RoomDesign has been working on involved space planning for several rooms in this apartment, re-inventing the kitchen and dining area, material choices, soft furnishings, lighting and colour scheme. The client did have a tight budget and wanted to prioritize a new plan for her small kitchen area that before had direct access into the bathroom!

She as well wanted a space with personality and something that packed a punch. Well we did that didn’t we? The wallpaper!

By moving the door to another area and taking away the wall between the dining room and kitchen, it gave better opportunity for a floor to ceiling storage cupboard and made a more inviting social space. The kitchen comes from Ikea and with great help from a super clever builder he helped us build the intricate cupboards and draws to maksimize every centimentre of the wall. The client loves this area and spends the whole time here.

And don’t you just love the wallpaper?! Its called Botany Banana designed from Lemon in South Africa and can be found via


Pic credits Gunn K Monsen


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Thank you 2013, it has been a fantastic year with many experiences. New construction and renovation jobs, interior design courses at Statoil, many interior course evenings over the year, my New Office!!, a trip to DesignSaturday exhibition in Oslo, helping out and attending at the Interior & Housing Exhibition in Bergen , a mention in Bergens Tidende and a fantastic and inspirational evening at my office celebrating  with table settings for Christmas Eve from Norden&Verden from Scandinavian Surface girls, Nordisk Rom and Glass Thomsen! AND not to forget the lauching  of  Elisabeth Ellefsen new scented candles!!
WOW what a year it has been!
Rock on 2014!!
aret 2013bfb
Just a few pics of work that I have done through 2013.


Have a safe New year guys:)

Big hugs Lisa



Balance & harmony

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Balance and harmony is very important in a well decorated home. A good balance is as simple as having furniture and elements spread equally around a room. And a good harmony is how well the elements actually work together.

Colours have to be able to look and work well together. Textures are used basically  to create an exciting unexpected visual tension in a room. With patterns it can be a harmonic basic colour that will bind them together to create an awesome marriage of the two or more. Exciting!

Balance and harmony go hand in hand and I love this picture below. It shows a well balanced room with a cool injection of harmony with cool textures and patterns together. Nice!

Living room

Pic via pinterest


Happy and good decorating:-)




The magics of one mirror!

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Some entrances are very difficult to decorate. But it can be as simple as putting one oversized element, in this case a mirror and wham suddenly the room brings an interesting focus point to the room. Small rooms are never easy to decorate but think big! Why not? Add a visual element that will distract the small room feeling and before you know what’s happened the room looks unbelievably cool and big. It’s all a visual trick!


pic via pinterest


Fun isn’t it?




Breaking the rules in the loo!

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We need to loosen up a bit. There is way too much boring icy cold loo’s going on in this world. All bright white blinding tiles, no colour and very sterile!   As I have said once about kitchens one time -we need to give as much respect to the bathroom or loo as much as the living room!

Bring some more personality in your home will add interest to make the space more loved and lived in. Not boring but different!! Put in a lovely rug, try a chandelier or create a wall of art like the picture below. Kick up the lived in feeling with flowers and plants and that will get rid of that hospital sterile look. Have fun, really!!!

wc funbathroombathroom02pic via my pintrest board


Happy decorating everyone.



Adding odd to spaces!

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For those that have been on my recent ‘Masterclass’ course will recognize this picture! We talk about adding something odd ball to our interior. Something that will create a conversation or catch the eye! Whether it is a sculpture, artwork or something outrageous like hanging a stuffed ducks head on the wall like in this picture, we need more fun in our home. (May not be for animal lovers out there in the world – sorry if they find this offensive.) But my point is -humour lightens the mood in any space and because life is way too short to stick to ordinary boring interior rules!


 Pic from my Pinterest account


Have fun whatever you do!!

Love Lisa



Open plan living

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More and more people are going for the all in one open plan living rooms. The bigger the better is the motiv but how is it to furnish the room. I like to move furniture away from the walls and try to create obvious zones. A sofa, chair or table at an angle will break up the linear aspect of a room. By retaining a single colour palette will the furniture be highlighted and makes as well the transitions between the different zones glide more into each other.

pic via lemonfairswallow

I found a picture recently which shows a good example of a family living in New York. The colours and the relaxed atmosphere to this apartment is absolutely sensational! You can follow the link under the picture to find more pictures of the apartment. Enjoy!


Have a happy day everyone:-)



How NOT to style

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Well it’s really getting the best out of all your worldly loved treasures. Styling them. And we have many of them, right! Sometimes everything can look like an off loading dock! And that’s how NOT it should be done. It’s all just thrown together, on an off chance that it may look okay.

Maximize! I think you should show off everything that you love, BUT keep it interesting and unexpected and keep it airy! Layers of objects are an fantastic way of building up the area, giving all objects  a history. And by all means keep it organized. I have found some great example pictures here of what I mean.

via desiretoinspirevia designspongevia Abigal Ahern


Happy weekend everyone:-)


Love Lisa


Quality not quantity

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Interiors should be a visual delight for the eyes. A home should say something about you. A home is your safe place where you can let your hair down and basically hang out in all ways you wish. I normally love interiors with a bit more oomph and guts but this place below there’s something that grabs me. It shows quality not quantity. It’s very minimal (God only knows where they store everything) simple and harmonic.

Definitely a relaxed hip pad. Love it.

pics from Residence via blogin Reelinki


Have a great day and thanks for dropping by :-)


Big love Lisa