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Hey girls, we’ve done good! Yesterday I saw in the local newspaper that 23% of the women in Norway wish for a walk-in closet when renovating their homes. And you men wish for a training room. Well, why not!  But where there is a dream there finds a way and you don’t necessarily have to have the biggest house or apartment in the world, or the biggest budget either. You just have to be clever and manage to use space in the best possible way. Once you have decided on the room you want to use it’s important to think over a few things. Keep the walls, floor and ceiling in the room in light colours as not to distract you from the clothes. Use all space available from ceiling to floor and keep the shelves open and well organized. Keep the room well lit, and a big wall mirror is a must to make the room look glam and bigger. The Pax-series from Ikea is a module wardrobe that can fit into even the most difficult room so with all your clothes well organized and everything within your reach you’ll be the best well dressed girl in the world!  So get packing girls. With no further-a-do lets get some inspiration with more ideas…with walk-in closets, sorry boys.















Pictures found via elledecor.com and are from the movie set to ‘Sex and the city2’.









Found via gaderobenord.

Source unknown









Found via bculik.


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  • marit sier:

    *lengelsfullt suuukk* ; vil ha vil ha!

  • marit sier:

    ps: likte spesielt bilde nr 1, morsomt, anderledes ; mitt førstevalg!

  • Lisa sier:

    Dette bildet serie måtte jeg bare har i innleggen. Gode minne fra filmen. Vi setter den walk-in garderoben på ønsker listen:-)

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