Small budget big ideas!

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We all have big ideas when we want to renovate but it’s the tight budget that cuts the dreams down.

Creativity is key to renovation problems! It may just solve all your problems to achieve your dreams, even though you may have a tight budget.  Through good planning, creative problem solving and a well-trained interior designers eyes (which may down the road save you from horrible costly mistakes as well) can look at a challenged area and create it into something more fun and functional to be in and work from. And we all know that a practical and functional space just makes life so much more easy and enjoyable. Am I right?!

I find the tighter the budget the more creative we have to be.

This latest project RoomDesign has been working on involved space planning for several rooms in this apartment, re-inventing the kitchen and dining area, material choices, soft furnishings, lighting and colour scheme. The client did have a tight budget and wanted to prioritize a new plan for her small kitchen area that before had direct access into the bathroom!

She as well wanted a space with personality and something that packed a punch. Well we did that didn’t we? The wallpaper!

By moving the door to another area and taking away the wall between the dining room and kitchen, it gave better opportunity for a floor to ceiling storage cupboard and made a more inviting social space. The kitchen comes from Ikea and with great help from a super clever builder he helped us build the intricate cupboards and draws to maksimize every centimentre of the wall. The client loves this area and spends the whole time here.

And don’t you just love the wallpaper?! Its called Botany Banana designed from Lemon in South Africa and can be found via


Pic credits Gunn K Monsen

New look – stylish and super functional

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«We want a home that is stylish and that is super practical and functional to our needs»

There was a definite need for an overhaul in this townhouse in Nesttun. There were two small living and dining rooms, dark and cold stairway and kitchen needed to be more functional and updated for a busy family of five. The man of the house is totally passionate and serious about his fireplace! Here had to be a fireplace that would warm up the house appropriately, stylish and cool to look at and have extra storage to firewood. Where the beam in the ceiling is today in the living and dining area was once where a wall was between the two rooms.

The entranceway and stairwell got a new look by removing the classic two door opening from the stairway into the living area. Rather than a closed-in stairwell being cold and dark, it was decided to remove the doors and open up the whole stairwell facing into the living and dining areas. A sliding glass door was put between the stairwell and entre, creating a more open stairwell connecting more with the living area, spreading more warmth up to the other floors and giving a more modern and functional living area.

A new window, the same size as the others, was put on the side of the house near the corner of the dining area and this allowed for more light and better connection to the terrace outside.

I must say I’m so in love with the kitchen! Its so cool and stylish, loads of storage, all that work space for baking and the little extra sitting area. The white benchtop was suggested to continue down to the floor which frames in the sitting area and adding extra style and finish. The subways tiles over the benchtop to the ceiling just gives a little extra wow factor.  Don’t you love it?


All fotos :

RoomDesign has had the privilege of working on this prosject giving advice on the spaceplanning, design for fireplace, kitchen and in-built storage for television, furniture, flooring, lighting and colourscheme.

Thanks to the rocka family in Nesttun that allowed me to help them on their renovation travels!!<3<3

Hugs Lisa xx


Farger kan endre livet ditt

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Farge er noe av det mest transformative du kan gjøre for ditt interiør. Det koste ikke mye heller. Det begeistrer, provoserer, lager intriger, roer og leger oss, ja rett og slett får oss til å føle oss bra. Spørsmålet er, hvorfor velger så mange kjedelige hvite vegger? Hvorfor er vi redde for farger?

Mange snakke om at de mangler selvtillit til å bruke farger. La oss finne vår egen selvtillit og sette i gang.


Bilde kredit: Montana

Farger brukes på mange måter til å fremheve karakteriserende detaljer i rommet, skape stemning og atmosfære. Lek med farger og skap en sofistikert stil, en klassisk ton-i-ton stil som er meget lett å få til. Mest av alt må DU like fargen, nei ikke bare like fargen, med elske den! Følg magefølelsen.

Finn din fargeinspirasjon – lag en inspirasjons board, samle på gamle interiør magasinbilder, samle inn stoffprøver, finn noen kule fargeprøver. En egen pinterest konto kan være nyttig å ha i denne kreative prosessen. Samle på alt som fanger øyet ditt, selv om du ikke vet helt hvorfor det gir deg en god følelse.

Det kan være en kjempegod ide å ta en titt rund i huset ditt, det kan hende du allerede har litt kunst, farger i teppet, eller noe i garderoben din som du liker og som du kan forsterke med fargenyanser.

Se opp og ut, inspirasjon finnes overalt i naturen. Farger i trær og blomster, fugler, på himmelen, eller på havet. Farger i naturen vil alltid funke sammen, super chic og fantastisk og lett å skape i hjemmet.

m229_20Bilde kredit: Montana

Ikke feig ut – det er mange som mister motet når de ønsker å bruke mørke farger på veggene. Mitt råd er å bevege seg mer over til den mørke siden. Når du først har tatt dette første vanskelige steget, lover jeg deg at du ikke vil ønske å gå tilbake til det hvite og kjedelige. Farger kan endre livet ditt. Du vil bli mer selvsikkert, dristigere og gi mer blaffen i hva andre folk tenker. Følg hjertet ditt når du begynner på ditt neste malingsprosjekt. Hva er det verste som kan skje? Du maler bare over det igjen, og samtidig brenner noen kalorier.

Vinn-vinn situasjon synes jeg:-)



The devils in the detail

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It’s true. It’s all visual detail. What’s the first thing you see when you go into a
room? What grabs your attention?  The more that’s grabs your eye the more tantalizing and fun the space is.  And bland is boring. Make more focus points and suddenly your space is way more interesting and shows more of who lives there.

I like the details in this dining room picture below. Many things are going on, pictures hung
up under a cupboard, books and things on and over the cupboards they have utilized
the wall to the max and at the same time personalising and using the wall as a feature point.

Good idea no?


Pic via Pinterest


Happy Thursday everyone!!

-Hugs Lisa



Getting round the round table!

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I must say I like the idea of having a round dinner table. And for many reasons! When sitting at a round table you are guaranteed that you are facing everyone at the table. Very socialable, right?  Round tables in fact cut down the square-ness of the room thus making the room look bigger than it really is. Absolutely brilliant in a smaller room, right? Food on the table is more reachable. No ‘pass me the salt, please’, right? And not many people opt for round tables these days so that makes me want one, right? Jepp! Too much square-ness going on in the world!What do you say -like the round table or lump it?

round table 01kitchenrund

pic via my kitchen/ pinterest


Just a thought for the day;-)

Have a great day everyone!

-Hugs Lisa



Good as Gold!

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GOLD is going to be hot hot hot this year in interior. Guaranteed!  So whether you sling gold together with white and pastels or rock it up in dark rooms you’ll be creating a space that oozes with style.  I think I’ll be opting for a spray can and blitzing up a few old vases or the like. An addition of wallpaper or a mirror in gold would be stunning. Whatever you do –do it with confidence and have fun!

living room

via Littlenudgebathroom
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Have a great day:-)

-Hugs Lisa