Question:French country-style in the dark?

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I had somebody the other day asking me about French country-style with dark furniture. The elegant dark classic furniture from France is stunning, and the country-style amongst all the other interior-styles that come from France can be very exciting as well as challenging for many.

Picture found via desiretoinspire

But by no means does it have to be expensive to decorate your home in the French country-style, if you already have inherited some classic mahogany pieces. Your furniture does not necessarliy have to come from the early French period but with a combination of your dark furniture, simple pale walls, some gold accents and some luxurious curtains and pillows, you’re well on the way for an elegant French country-style in your living room.












Picture found via Housetohome

This picture above has many different pieces of furniture in the one room but because of the simple painted walls and no curtains (hopefully no peeping toms in the neighbourhood) all the other pieces come into their own right. Fabulous! And that sofa, don’t you just want to sit in it! Anyway a good start is by looking at the floors, walls and windows and look for some colours her to set you in the right direction for a French country-style colour in your living room. Good luck:-)

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