Say no to symmetry in interiors!

By 12. april 2012Interior styles

Ok I might be a little bored with all this symmetry stuff in interiors. That there has to be two lights or even two sofas that are the same in a room. Well I would like to ruff it up a bit. I see many prefer the safe, risk free, predictably symmetrical interiors and that is what we all see in all the interior magazines out there in the world. But let’s face it we’re in danger of being boring. We have to slip loose.

I want personality. I want guts. I want people to show me what they are made of. When creating your own interior you make your own rules. Find a balance with colours,  use oversize objects, place objects at different levels, use layers, move furniture to different areas in the room, use odd lighting together, create an energy, create an awesome pad!

Pic via Desiretoinspire


I love this picture above. May not have enough seating but the space is awesome!


Have a great thursday.


Smiles Lisa

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