New light and airy entranceway

By 20. august 2012My work

A recent client of min has been working hard over the summer holidays painting and redecorating her entrance, hallway and stairway. And what a surprise I got when I visited her last week!   The transition from the old to the new you can see was incredible.

There needed a good basis colour that would work in and show off all the outstanding paintings and beautiful artwork that was already on the walls around the house.   The panel on the walls in the entrance and hallways would have cost a lot of time and money to remove so it was decided to work with the problem. By slightly enhancing the panel with a darker colour than the rest of the walls and ceiling created a more harmonized and fun transition to the slate tiled floors.

The wallpaper on the wall in the stairwell is from the Scandinavian Surface girls called Black Beech and this joins beautifully the entranceway and hallways together. You can see below at the plansje at what was suggested and used for the revamping!

Have a wonderfully sunny day :-)

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