Get your own original artwork.

By 12. august 2013Art

We have to be original, right?  And by golly that’s not easy and can be frustrating.  But it’s the fun of getting to that perfect interior that makes it all worthwhile.  We have to create and be certain of our own style. Whatever that may be?  And I think an interior should say who YOU are and not who your neighbor is or what your friends are.  It’s the love for your home that brings the magic out in your decorating.

And today I’m thinking art on our walls. Do it big, oversize it, pick an outrageous colour, clashed it with the rest of your interior. Create a focus point on your wall. But original artwork is very expensive and hard to find…so why not paint your own supersized painting on a painting course. Janne from Urdihuset in Bergen here holds very cool painting courses if you like the idea of painting something BIG and original. She helps to mix and fix with you to create the grand masterpiece for your home!

See what artwork does to a room in the pictures below…


All pics from my New Board on Pinterest


Happy decorating:-)


-hugs Lisa



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