5 last minute fixes for the festive season!

By 17. desember 2014Good ideas

Drape fairylights everywhere…

over mirrors, fire mantles, up stair banisters, in vases and why not indoor trees and plants!


Jazz up Your Christmas table…

do it with glam, keep it simple and make it sparkle!

sparkle table


Get that Christmas brew Cooking…

before the guests arrive put some fresh ginger, cloves, allspise, Orange peel, cinnamon, and a Vanilla pod into a sausepan and simmer away. It will set the house With the most incrediable scent!

scent brew

Overdose on the eculyptus leaves…

they are cheap and look fabulous in any vase. And they smell devine!

euclyuptus bouquet

Get the fire started outside!..

Fires outside are great for gatherings and when all the guests get hot inside… Everyone will relish the thought of popping out for a quick festive drink of mulled wine!


all pics via pinterest


Heres wishing to all a very Happy peaceful Christmas!!

All my love

Hugs Lisa


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