The magics of one mirror!

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Some entrances are very difficult to decorate. But it can be as simple as putting one oversized element, in this case a mirror and wham suddenly the room brings an interesting focus point to the room. Small rooms are never easy to decorate but think big! Why not? Add a visual element that will distract the small room feeling and before you know what’s happened the room looks unbelievably cool and big. It’s all a visual trick!


pic via pinterest


Fun isn’t it?




Breaking the rules in the loo!

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We need to loosen up a bit. There is way too much boring icy cold loo’s going on in this world. All bright white blinding tiles, no colour and very sterile!   As I have said once about kitchens one time -we need to give as much respect to the bathroom or loo as much as the living room!

Bring some more personality in your home will add interest to make the space more loved and lived in. Not boring but different!! Put in a lovely rug, try a chandelier or create a wall of art like the picture below. Kick up the lived in feeling with flowers and plants and that will get rid of that hospital sterile look. Have fun, really!!!

wc funbathroombathroom02pic via my pintrest board


Happy decorating everyone.



5 hours free interior help with BoligPartner!

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Are you considering building a new home?

Boligpartner provides architect-designed houses and cabins in prefab concept. And if you are thinking of buying a new home with BoligPartner within 1 October 2013, they will give you 5 hours free professional interior help from Room Design, in co-operation with this BoligPartner campaign. Awesome!!

boligpartner image

Pic via BoligPartner webside


Campaign soom runs out so contact one of your local Westland Offices if you have any queries…




Sotra & Askøy

The superteam are only too happy to answer any questions you may have:-)

Have fun and maybe we’ll see each other!!


5 minute makeover!

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Well not really but almost…we all need a quick pick me up or just a change for our space. Something that will pick up your space in a jiffy…

1. Paint a wall…will take a little longer than 5 minutes but it’s easy peasy and will transform your space guaranteed;-)


2. Add some botanics…botanics are super hot this Autumn!

grenn plant

3. Add a new lampe…creates extra atmosphere to any room and lighting is something we never have enough of!


All pics via Pinterest…


Happy decorating:-)



Wanting to make your home better?

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This weekend is the annual housing fair in Bergen ’Make your home better’. Experts in the building industry lending out advice and tips on just how to make your home a better place. And as you might not know but BoligPartner is giving a 5 hours ‘Gratis interiørhjelp’ campaign at the housing fair.

BoligPartner feels so strong about how important it is to get the most out of your new home and to ensure a good quality living environment they are offering this exclusive campaign at the housing fair this weekend. Awesome!

If you buy a new home with BoligPartner within 1 October 2013, they will give you 5 hours free professional interior help from Room Design in co-operation with this BoligPartner campaign.

And we all know it’s daunting in the building stage of your new home -well there is always help in need! RoomDesigns expert interior advice will help you put together all the furnishings and elements you need in create and personalize the ultimate fantastic home you have always wished and dreamed of.  Not bad!

stuepic via BoligPartners side

Take a trip and visit  ‘Boligmessen’ Åsane Vestlandshallen this weekend and check out BoligPartners offer:-)


-Hugs Lisa


Get your own original artwork.

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We have to be original, right?  And by golly that’s not easy and can be frustrating.  But it’s the fun of getting to that perfect interior that makes it all worthwhile.  We have to create and be certain of our own style. Whatever that may be?  And I think an interior should say who YOU are and not who your neighbor is or what your friends are.  It’s the love for your home that brings the magic out in your decorating.

And today I’m thinking art on our walls. Do it big, oversize it, pick an outrageous colour, clashed it with the rest of your interior. Create a focus point on your wall. But original artwork is very expensive and hard to find…so why not paint your own supersized painting on a painting course. Janne from Urdihuset in Bergen here holds very cool painting courses if you like the idea of painting something BIG and original. She helps to mix and fix with you to create the grand masterpiece for your home!

See what artwork does to a room in the pictures below…


All pics from my New Board on Pinterest


Happy decorating:-)


-hugs Lisa



New home in Bergen

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It has been a wonderful adventure and a long building process for this family from Os, Bergen.  And still a little in the packing out stage I have taken the opportunity to take a peak at the newly moved in home.

The best thing about coming in the early stages of building a new house are that you are still able to come with good practicable and functional ideas to the occupants desires and needs in the home. Keeping in mind that this home has a young person racing round in a wheelchair, it was just that, that everything had to be considered when buliding.  The parents didn’t want the house to look like a sterile institution so we worked hard on getting it just right inside.

Take a look…

inngangbad 2 etasje 02 kjøkkenstuenbad collagebadet03soverom01gangentrapperglassvegg i badettrappe 02badet 2 etasjeklesskapet


RoomDesign has come with advice and suggestion on flooring, lighting, bathroom fittings, all tiles and design, colourscheme throughout the house, wallpaper, kitchen and stairs. A big thanks to Helene and Eivend that I have been allowed to help them on their building adventure!

Have a great day everyone!

-Hugs Lisa



The devils in the detail

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It’s true. It’s all visual detail. What’s the first thing you see when you go into a
room? What grabs your attention?  The more that’s grabs your eye the more tantalizing and fun the space is.  And bland is boring. Make more focus points and suddenly your space is way more interesting and shows more of who lives there.

I like the details in this dining room picture below. Many things are going on, pictures hung
up under a cupboard, books and things on and over the cupboards they have utilized
the wall to the max and at the same time personalising and using the wall as a feature point.

Good idea no?


Pic via Pinterest


Happy Thursday everyone!!

-Hugs Lisa



Get decorating essential #4

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Flowers, botanic and faux flowers are in! We’re past the eighties type of thing with the gruesome plastic faded looking flowers. We’re into faux flowers that you can’t see the difference from the real ones.

Take my flowers on my office desk. People look at them and think what a beautiful mix they are. I love it. I just have to giggle and say ‘THEY’RE NOT REAL!’  And why not mix it up. Make an extra fantastic focus point in your home with a small vase of fresh season flowers with the faux ones. Botanics are all the rage now too. Fig trees are very popular they will guaranteed lift a corner in your home.

One easy peasy decorating essential that will turn any space from drab to fab!

tips #4


Happy decorating!

-Hugs Lisa


Off the railings!

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Decorating with attitude take guts! And when we finally get it right it’s like a hallelujah effect. Nothing more satisfying than achieving a wow effect in your home that you have created yourself!! We make mistakes but hey we learn from them right! So keep it up and never give up! This picture below dictates everything I like about decorating a home. It’s pushing the boundaries of craziness, creating several focus points and it just stops you in your tracks and says WOW! I love it!

living room

Pic vis my pinterest acc.

Have a great day everyone!!!

-Hugs Lisa