Off the railings!

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Decorating with attitude take guts! And when we finally get it right it’s like a hallelujah effect. Nothing more satisfying than achieving a wow effect in your home that you have created yourself!! We make mistakes but hey we learn from them right! So keep it up and never give up! This picture below dictates everything I like about decorating a home. It’s pushing the boundaries of craziness, creating several focus points and it just stops you in your tracks and says WOW! I love it!

living room

Pic vis my pinterest acc.

Have a great day everyone!!!

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Decorating essentials # 3

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Rugs are perfect for creating an elegant and sophisticated space. No matter what! And I’m all for that. Whether it is for colour, pattern or just a luxury texture, rugs are absolutely an essential for decorating your home!! Go for big patterns, play with rough and soft textures or add a contrasting complimentary colour to your interior it’s an easy trick to boost your interior.  Use them to determine obvious zones in an open living area. Use an oversized rug in a small room will visually make the room bigger. Why not try putting rugs in kitchens or bathrooms? They make a room more personalized and lived in.

Happy decorating:-)

tips 3

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Happy weekend to you all!!

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Decorating essentials #2

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Side tables –little bubbies I like to call them. They are so cool and wonderful and most people tend to not use them. Mercy me! But these little guys add a new interest and personality to a space. Beside a chair or sofa, plonk a lamp, a book or some vases with flowers and wham in niks seconds it lifts a space from drab to fab! Definitely my number two essential decorating trick in my book!

essential 2
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Decorating essentials

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Last week at ‘Teppesenteret og Lobelias’ customer evening I talked about 4 important elements that will give your home that extra personal touch! It doesn’t matter what interior style you are, or have, these 4 fundamental decorating essentials will turn your space into something more fantastic. More yours! And I thought it might fun to share with you. So to get the ball running I’m starting off with decorating essential #1 –Mirrors. All rooms should have a mirror! They create depth in small rooms, they give dark rooms more light and whatever interior style you have it adds an element of glamour. Go supersize or dramatic! Have you a wall that looks naked? That’s a great place to start with a mirror.
Essential #2 coming next week!

tips 1

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Moving spaces to the next level!

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Choosing the right rug size, shape and quality can be daunting, I know. Are you looking for that last element that will just finish off your interior? Well look no further. Tuesday night at Teppesenteret I’ll be talking rugs and carpet (and all things interior, of course!) on how to move your space from mundane into something magical! Believe me it can be achieved.

You’ll be getting the low down of tips and tricks (perhaps I should say hands on:-) on how to create that best ever colourscheme with a rug. I’ll be combining rugs with curtains, wallpaper, cushions and other interior elements together (from Lobelia:-) so you can see how easy it is to harmonize and balance together a whole interior! And of course there will be loads of time for questions and answers afterwards. Sound good?


Pic borrowed from Teppesenteret

PS: If you want help to match a rug in to your interior, take along a colour sample or material sample so we’ll help you find the right rug!!

PSS: Almost forget:-) you’ll have a change to win a place at my next ‘MASTERCLASS’ course as well. The winner will be drawn that evening. Can’t wait!!



See you there…

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One, ever so good, general rule!

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One last general rule about colour: the more we understand colour and how they work together, the more we can play with them. It’s far too easy to go down the safe road and go plain but just think how much more tantalizing our homes could be if we push the boundaries. Stretch your horizons a bit and try putting colours together that you love and thought couldn’t go together.

Get inspiration from everything around you, put together a moodboard of colours and suddenly everything will fall into place.


living room

living room 02

dining room

Pics via min Pinterest acc ‘colour me’…


Have a great day everyone!

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Making the coolest colourschemes ever!

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Colour is wonderful!  And colour is the cheapest way to transform a room!  So finding a basis colour, weather it being dark or light, is greatly influenced by the natural light through existing windows and the flooring! Don’t forget that if there is great big bush of trees or even a building right outside your window it will reflect into your room. It all plays part in making a right decision for the right colour.

There really is no right or wrong colour here.  It’s all very personal and it’s very much trial and error.  So try painting three colours, on a big area, that you find agreeable at one time. No use putting 20 different shades of white on the wall otherwise it’ll be just so confusing for the eye that you’ll never find the one perfect colour that’s right for you. Live with them on the wall for a few days see how it looks at night with the lighting on and see how it is in the morning and afternoon light. I experience that one colour will stick out more than the others.

Trust your own gut feeling and go for it!!!

blogpicture75blogpicture76Pics credit to Vicky from Livingfourseasons

And of course on RoomDesigns ‘Grunnkurs’ it’s packed full of expert advice on about colour matching, colour relationships and how to put together the coolest colourscheme ever! Once you get to understand the ins and outs of colour, its then you can start confidently playing with colour in your home!!!


Have a great day everyone

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No plain walls, thank you.

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Sometimes our interior just needs a little tender loving care. A space that says somebody loves me! We need to love our homes because this is where we hang out most, relax the most, and it’s where we share our love with our loved ones the most. Our safety place, as they say. So why not give as much attention to detail as everything else in our lives. I talk about this a lot on my interior courses adding visual tension in a room. We need to create more focal points that in turn bring more depth and more interest to a room. No plain walls thank you, more art in all different shapes and sizes! Love this picture below, looks lived and loved in, don’t you think?


 Pic via my bedroom board / pinterest


Have a lovely day:-)



Getting round the round table!

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I must say I like the idea of having a round dinner table. And for many reasons! When sitting at a round table you are guaranteed that you are facing everyone at the table. Very socialable, right?  Round tables in fact cut down the square-ness of the room thus making the room look bigger than it really is. Absolutely brilliant in a smaller room, right? Food on the table is more reachable. No ‘pass me the salt, please’, right? And not many people opt for round tables these days so that makes me want one, right? Jepp! Too much square-ness going on in the world!What do you say -like the round table or lump it?

round table 01kitchenrund

pic via my kitchen/ pinterest


Just a thought for the day;-)

Have a great day everyone!

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Whatever you do…make your own style!!  We lose faith, nothing looks right and we give up way too soon when decorating our home. We just need a little confidence!   And I promise awesome things will happen:-)


Pic via my Pinterest acc


Have a fun day everyone:-)